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MX-Marine, Navico, Inc., combines the high accuracy in GPS and DGPS navigation with AIS and Beacon station technology, as well as D/GPS compasses, building on generations of experience in GPS and navigation technology.


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MX Marine, Navico, Inc., combines the very latest achievements in GPS/DGPS, AIS and Beacon Station Technology, building on generations of experience combined with the latest technology. With the smartest and most versatile type-approved navigation and AIS systems in the world today, MX-Marine offers the professional mariner a complete, upgradeable navigation solution for future navigation requirements.

  • MX500 New-Generation Control & Display Unit w/ Additional
  • USB & LAN ports MX 525 / MX 525A Black Box DGPS Receiver
  • MX 420
  • MX 521 / MX 521A GPS Sensor
  • MX 521 / MX 521A DGPS Sensor
  • MX 535 AIS Transponder MX 421 DGPS Receiver/Antenna
  • JB-50 Junction Box MX 575A (New!) GPS Satellite Compass
  • MX 575 GPS Satellite Compass
MX Marine more than 30 yearsNavigation technology and products for the commercial market - high accuracy in GPS/DGPS navigation with AIS and station(Beacon) technology, as well as compasses(D/GPS), building on generations of experience in GPS. Here can read more about MX Series Control Marine Unit systems/models and technical details.