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A good alternative marine buffing compound

Looking for a good alternative marine buffing compound and wax that's lower cost the what they offer at West Marine and most marine suppliers. These places are just so overpriced.

Use regular polishing compound from the local hardware store just on the transom to remove the name. The results is the same.

Versachock bucket

There's a cool new product the holds coolers and buckets in place. They can be removed when not in use and your deck is clean theres nothing to break your toes on.

Check out the website:

Versachock bucket tie down kits are buy 2 get 1 free on amazon! These are a MUST for Flats/Bass/Center Console boats.

the Fusion marine stereo system - RA70

The RA70 has the A2DP bluetooth profile, which is basically the standard in the mobile audio industry for audio transmission. That's more than enough quality for 99.99999% of people on boats(and cars too). A boat is not a critical listening environment. Without knowing the exact codec they're using there's no way to say the exact compression, but I'm confident in saying that virtually anyone will be fine with the quality that the A2DP bluetooth delivers. What is more critical is the quality of the original source. Streaming services other than Tidal are truly shit quality.

Pandora will never stream higher than 64k to a phone, and Spotify is a little better at 96k or 160k depending on your settings.

In fact, if you're using multiple zones, such as a cockpit (Zone1) and a flybridge (Zone 2). You can EASILY control the volume if the zones independently.

Note:Just make sure It is well vented and don't use anything larger than 4 6.5 or 2 8" speakers. It has a lot of power, consider it 90% clean. It works great with a self powered sub. It also says water proof (not) It will take a light spray from a hose or some sea spray, but don't blast it with the hose.

Fusion Car Audio Vs Fusion Marine

If you are comparing Fusion Car Audio to Fusion Marine they are not the same. As a matter of fact they stopped selling Fusion Car in United States. Fusion Marine is top of the line in marine. Beating out both Rockford and JL Audio in reviews.

Fusion Marine is the top of the line in Marine market. One of few true marine rated electronics. Has technology that nobody else has like able to connect to NMEA2000 system. And if course the Fusion link. There amps and speakers test out better than JL Audio. Fusion car audio is the cheaper brand that is actually no longer distributed in the United States.

Fusion radios have way more technology. Like multizone with seperate volume and sub controls for each zone. And the fusion link is incomparable to any other brand.

handles in swim platform

Install handles in the back corners and use the K planes as a step. Super easy and comfortable. That's how I climb onto the warlock. Not sure if the height difference between the boats would change the ease of the climb.

If you want to ball out:

Or better yet get it fitted and built to perfectly match the lines in stainless and powder coated by Adam at "White Knuckle Customs" in Windham, ME.


Magma Marine grill with rail mounts

Magma has a boat rail mount for both the round and square grills. You can use the fishing rod holder mount on yours.

20' Four Winns

Using with a 20' Four Winns and the cylindrical ones that is most recommended for the boat. They make actual fenders in multiple sizes that are similar to this.

Samurai(Daiwa) - Braided Fishing line

Samurai is one of the best on the market, it's 8 strands but way thinner than most and really abrasion resistant, if you can find a local store that carries it have them spool it for you and put about a 50 to 75 yard backer of cheap 12 .

.lbs test mono, you will save a fortune on buying in bulk
- run 55 on my frog/ punching rod and 20 on both my drop shot and my senko spinning rods -
- run Pline fluoroclear in 10 lbs test as a leader for my drop shot and run straight braid for senko unless the water is gin clear then I run the same leader in that too.

303 (30616) - a product I can put on to renew the waterproofing.

303 (30616) Fabric Guard, Upholstery Protector, Stain and Water Repellent

Before you do any of the waterproofers.. clean the canvas thoroughly. The dirt and dust on it allows water to stick to the canvas and drip into the boat, waterproofed or not. When the canvas is clean and dryn hit it with the 303 waterproofing and you're good to go.

Use 303. You don't want to seal it completely (as in silicone spray), your boat needs to "breath". 303 is a great water barrier but still allows air to "breath" through it. Moisture/humidity will build up if it has no air that can get in and out.

The 303 makes some of the best products and highly suggest them. You can use their products for everything, even sprayed are lawn furniture down with it. Great stuff, it's not cheap though. Buy it in bulk vs the little spray bottle. Your wallet and fingers will thank you lol.

White Lightning

It's is a boat hull cleaner and is by far the easiest hull cleaner boaters ever used.

Plexus Cleaner

Plastic Cleaner, Protectant and Polish - the best product to clean/restore eisenglass.

Windex with vinegar is another option. All you have to do is spray it on wipe it down really well and follow up with a second cloth to polish. You can also buy a polisher for eisenglass which helps keep it looking nice. The outcome of the isinglass will depend on what condition the isinglass was when you've bought the boat.