NightStar Flashlight

Nightstar Flashlight is the Original Shakelight that provides upto 20 Minutes of light with 25 seconds of shaking. It is waterproof upto a depth of 2200 feet.

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NightStar Flashlights

With only one moving part, the NightStar flashlight transforms simple motion into light. When gently shaken, a super high-strength rare earth magnet passes smoothly through a wire coil, efficiently generating electrical energy. A heavy duty capacitor, which can be recharged repeatedly, stores the energy and delivers power to a Super Bright StarCore® LED. Thirty seconds of shaking provides 20 minutes of light. In total darkness, NightStar will illuminate a 12-foot diameter area at 50 feet. NightStar's state of the art components are contained within a rugged, waterproof housing ensuring operation even in the most severe conditions.

Illuminator Flashlights

Never get caught in the dark again! The Illuminator LED flashlight requires no batteries and no bulbs. One minute of winding provides over one hour of light! Perfect for a drawer, glove box, emergency kit anywhere you need light. Operates with one or three LEDs. No leaking battery acid to ever worry about environmentally friendly product!