Nobeltec is a world leading developer of PC-based marine navigation software programs and supplier of electronic boat charts, hardware, and accessories.


Marine Electronics

Nobeltec Products

  • Navigation Software
  • Plus Packs
  • Radar Solutions - Whether you’re looking for a compact 2kW 20” radar solution or a 25kW 9’ open array, Jeppesen Marine has a variety or radomes and open array units to fit your needs. As one of the most popular navigational software solutions on the market, Jeppesen Marine realizes that many boating enthusiasts may already use Nobeltec Visual Navigation Suite or Nobeltec Admiral, therefore, we now sell all of our radar solutions separately from our software solutions.
  • InSight Radar - Black Box (IR2-BB) -breathes new life into older radars! This revolutionary product integrates existing radar systems with Nobeltec Admiral and Visual Navigation Suite software. By interfacing existing radar with the IR2-BB, radar images can be viewed right on top of your electronic charts.
  • Navigation Data
  • Sounder Solutions - The InSight Sounder integrates with VNS MAX Pro and Admiral MAX Pro to create a complete sounder/chart plotter solution.
  • Accessories - Jeppesen Marine Accessories
    Nobeltec product you purchase or currently own, chances are that one of Jeppesen Marine’s accessories can make your system operate more effectively.