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Northstar Marine Electronics is the top leading manufacturer of offshore and coastal marine electronics, Radars, Sonars and GPS electronics for the leisure and commercial markets.


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Northstar Marine Production

  • Automatic ID System - Identifying another vessels position, course, speed and transmits your own vessel's position.
  • Broadband Radar - Breakthrough technology that provides superior target detection and separation and a new level of navigational safety to a wide range of boats.
  • 8000i Integrated System - Position in navigation. Ultimate integration with touch screen display control!
  • Multi-Function Displays - Plotters, radars, sounders, Weather, and video are all equally simple to use.
  • Chartplotters - Northstar Chartplotters and multifunction units are renowned worldwide for ease of use and pinpoint accuracy.
  • High Def Digital Radar - A radar expert overnight.
  • Chart / Sonar Combos - If there are fish to be found, you'll find them with an Explorer Combo from Northstar.
  • Fishfinders / Sounders - You're right where you want to be. Performance-built Northstar fishfinders put you on the fish.
  • Autopilots - Steer with confidence. Northstar autopilot based on award-winning design.
  • Communications - Loud and clear. Northstar deliver the features you need and the performance you expect from Northstar.
  • Fuel Management - Manage the high cost of fuel; electronically.
  • Instruments-Gauges - Instruments and gauges for fuel, wind, speed, depth and more.

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