NX2 Autopilot

Autopilot by ComNav

Whether you are a sailor navigating in unfamiliar waters, a recreational boater seeking peace of mind, or a competitive racer requiring sophisticated precision instrumentation, this NX2 Series Modular Integrated Navigation System displays all the necessary information while automatically steering the boat under any sea conditions.


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Accuracy, high performance and simplicity of use are key features of the NX2 Autopilot, specifically designed for sail and power boats from 32-60 feet. Whether the need is for improved navigational accuracy, minimized fuel consumption or simply more enjoyable yachting, the NX2 Autopilot provides precision steering under all sea conditions. Factory default settings and automatic calibration allow easy operation with minimal operator input, yet user adjustable settings make it possible to fine tune it for every vessel. Use it as a standalone autopilot or connect it to the NEXUS Network to have the ultimate in Instrument/Autopilot integration.