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Manufacturer of Marine lights and systems, modern Facilities and the Evolution of the Navigation Light Hardware and Accessories, top manufacturer of Ship and Boat Equipment


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Perco Group Production

  • L.E.D. Product Line
  • Navigation Lights for Vessels for small boats
  • Navigation Lights for Vessels for big boats/Ships
  • Searchlights
  • Lighting Fixtures, Bulbs and Battery Switches
  • Compartment Ventilators and Fog Bells
  • Underwater Hardware, Deck Plates, Fills and Vents
  • Deck Hardware
  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Camo Line
  • Marinium Line
Navigation Lights (under or over 20m boats) by Perko - We offer Navigation deck and pole Lights for any over/under 20 meters in length vessel and specific nav colors, (white, red, yellow, blue, green) Vertical & Horizontal Mount, Fixed or Removable, Fold Down, Side, Stern and Combination lights made in US.
Perko Marine - Anchor and Deck Hardware - We offer choice of best marine hardware: Cleats, Chocks & Rowlocksn, Hatch Fastener, Rope, Pole, Step Plate, Flag Staff, Anchor Chocks, Open Base Cleat and many other boat hardware 110 - articuls all made in US.

Perko Dealers - Regional & International