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Since 1969 RM 69 producire a vast range ot quality products, pumps for recreational or professional shipbuilding and boats as well as for the marine market.

More then 30 years can be founf a range or marine Toilets from RM 69 and complete range of manual or electric bilge pumps, accessories and valves.

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Split - up Valve 2 Way

Split - up Valve 2 Way

Non Return Valve


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Marine Split - up and Non ReturnValves

Split - up Valves

Their light weight and strength 100% free from corrosion and electrolysis valves are perfect for controlling inlet and outlet water requirements and below the waterline.

The RM 69 split up valves are specially constructed valves for installation on a toilet hand pump. However in cases where installation of the 802 model on the pump is not possible, a model for separate mounting-803 can be supplied.

These Valves can be supplied in various models, and each of valve model is suitable for application in combination with a buffer tank or
waste tank. Durable ABS and stainless steel are tanking care for a perfect and care free operation
during a lot of years.
The standard models of valves 802 to 804 are supplied with 90g elbow fittings, however they also can be supplied with a
straight fittings.


802 - Two way valve series, discharge in open water or to the waste tank
802 Str - Two way valve series, straight outlet
803 - Two way valve. installation separate from the pump
803 Str - Two way valve series, discharge in open water or to the waste tank, installation separate from the pump
804 - Three Way Valve, discharge in open water, buffertank or waste and empying the buffertank or waste.
804 Str - Three Way Valve


803/803.STR and 804/804.STR

Non Return Valves

RM 69 offer non return valve prevents marine toilet and bilige system against flooding with hose connection 38 mm.

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