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Spears manufacturing facilities broad product line offers a full selection of injection molded fittings 1/8" through 12" and fabricated fittings through 48", many specialty products, and a full complement of both mechanically and manual actuated thermoplastic valves in a variety of configurations, sizes and types for different industries.

Spears - MFG of Fittings and Valves


New Technologies, and Products

Usa Company SPEARS

- Design-Jested Product Development
- Experienced Mold Tooling Construction
- Custom Process Iguipment Development
- Product Perfomance Validation Jesting
- In-Process Duality Control

Developed from over 41 years of proven experience in thermoplastic injection molding, SPEARS maintains total control of production from concept through final customer shipment.
Developing innovative products, new technologies, and product improvements starts with learning your needs and concerns. SPEARS goes the extra distance to find what customers really like and dislike about products, problems with conventional designs, and how they can be improved.

Fullv Engineered& Design Tested Products

SPEARS® products are not just designed, they are Engineered. Through the use of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), products are engineered for strength, function, and dependability. Computer analysis has allowed SPEARS to test and improve designs long before actual production begins.

From 3-D Solid Modeling, full studies of product character istics are made. Optimum proportions and aesthetics can be analyzed and modified without typical triai and error prototype construction.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) allows analysis of stress and long term creep under various pressure and temperature conditions. The resulting product designs are care fully reviewed for meeting all desired characteristics prior to release for mold tooling fabrication.

Custom Process

Eaulpment Deuelopment - The Foundation For Qualltv & consistency

one dir valve

With complete equipment fabrication and design capabilities, SPEARS® has developed one of the most streamlined production processes in the industry. From custom molding lines to automated, high speed ink jet bar code application, the Spear's focus is on variables elimination. Even injection molding machines are rebuilt from the ground up to SPEARS own internal specifications.

Combined with the latest technology, such as computerized process controllers, maximum control of all process parameters is obtained.

Custom Process Equipment Development

The foundation fnr Quality 8 Consistency Our long-range commitment to quality is focused in Spears manufacturing processes - where the parts are
The best processing capabilities for producing the finest quality products are not always found in generic equipment. By combining years of product experience with innovative engineering,

SPEARS ongoing program of in-house equipment modification and development has custom-tailored our processes for producing the best in thermoplastic valves, fittings, and other piping system components.

Computerized process control technology is used to integrate equipment function with final production. The result is consistent product quality in every part produced - more assurance that you receive the same fine quality in every order.
Simply put, when it comes to thermoplastic valve and fitting manufacturing know-how, no one does it better than Us Company SPEARS.

in-Process Spears quality control


SPEARS® approach to product performance validation is testing, testing, and more testing! From selection and verification of raw materials to application testing of final products, our Research S. Development group maintains a focus on meeting industry and customer needs.

SPEARS® testing goes beyond basic confor mance standards verification. Design-proven products are subjected to rigorous tests, such as performance under varying flow rates and cyclic conditions, sustained pressure tests, impact tests, and tests for vacuum application suitability. Even chemical compat ibility of thread sealants and lubricants is tested.

Only after complete qualification of product expectations can production runs be made.

Spears maintains one ot the Largest inuentones in the industry

With nine Regional Distribution Centers across the USA servicing
1000's of stocking distributors, products by SPEARS are ready for delivery to the jobsite. You'll find a full assortment of valves, fittings, and system components with some of the highest service levels and shortest shipping times to be found.

Even non-stock and special order items are factory expedited and shipped with consistently short lead times.