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Boat & Marine Toilets

Toilet and Boat Toilets Systems for All yacht/Boats needs.
Find the most advanced toilets that matches perfectly with your boat, yacht , and your best boating lifestyle, from the marine sanitation experts at Dometic Group. Dometic offer a full range of boat toilet technologies and systems, holding tanks and other system accessories - maceration, vacuum and gravity - all with premium-quality selection from one convenient source.

Electric Macerating MasterFlush Toilets

The Dometic toilet's innovative engineering has been designed to provide better comfort, efficiency and convenience for small boats with tight head spaces but don't want to lose comforts of home. The MasterFlush® 7100 Dometic Series Orbit Toilet is the winner of a "SAIL" Magazine Pittman Innovation Award.

Dometic Electric Macerating MasterFlush 7100 Series Toilets (7120,7160)

Electric Macerating 7100 series toilets comes unmatched installation flexibility and features. This "Orbit" offers on the directional rotating base installation technology to both boaters and builders. To avoid walls were accommodate diverse electric macerating toilet can rotate 360 degrees which allows the base to adjust to any angle or any configuration.

As with all series of Dometic toilets, the 7100 MasterFlush series assures odor-free and trouble-free performance by virtue of its unmatched maceration effectiveness and can fit even the smallest installation space than similar basic marine heads. Innovative integrated water valve in the base eliminates need for separate installation. Unique fall flat back wedge hides all planning when viewed from above compared to boat toilet competitors.

And finally, 7100 Series are designed to provide better feeling , big comfort in a small space Orbit toilets offers customers the largest ceramic bowl to deliver the uptown comfort and support that many boat owners prefer.

In fact, Dometic MasterFlush system uses less power and lower amps per flush than other competing models. The toilet uses as little as 1.2l per flush.
Available in style bone and white colors, 12 V DC or 24 V DC operation.

MasterFlush 7120 Series Toilets

Simple and easy to use flashing orbit model 7120 Dometic Series Toilets includes a standard dual-action fresh water for swift press and hold the top of the switch to add water them press and hold the bottom part of the switch to flush. By optional three function freshwater switch allows for a dry bowl flash used for cleaning or to eliminate splashing water.

MasterFlush 7160 Series Toilets

As with all Dometic 7100 series MasterFlush toilets, the 7160 model assures comfort , trouble-free, odor-free performance.

SeaLand Electric Toilets

The SeaLand Electric - MasterFlush toilets set new standards on board, SeaLand toilets are modern style , compact design, a stable seat made of coated wood, highquality china bowl and low water consumption.

Very quiet Toilets with invisible connectionson the outside and won’t spoil the appearance and integrated high-performance pump and macerator system.

Electric toilets in standard height or as a low and High level models. Electric Toilets Series with Very quiet operation and nonreturn valve.

SeaLand Electric toilet in standard height, (12 and 24 volts version) - MasterFlush 8156

High quality wood, ceramic bowl bowl, seat and lid in heavy-duty design, low energy consumption, easy installation. white version
Efficient stainless steel macerator
High-quality non-return valve
Very quiet operation
Low energy consumption
Available in a 12-volt and 24-volt version


(WxHxD): 375 x 467 x 467 mm and Weight: 26.5 kg.

Low profile Electric toilet model (12 and 24 volts version) - MasterFlush 8116

High quality wood, ceramic bowl bowl, seat and lid in heavy-duty design, low energy consumption, easy installation and stainless steel efficient chopper. white version


(WxHxD): 375 x 381 x 467 mm and 20.5 kg

All series Marine Toilets Available: 12V or 24V DC.

Free-Standing Bidet - Manual handle and temperature controlled wash Bidet

MasterFlush (8112, 8116, 8152, 8156) - quiet flush macerating boat toilet

MasterFlush - Macerator Toilets (8600,8700) - Powerful Macerating Flush, Full-Size Fixture and Flat-Back Profile

MasterFlush (8812,8818,8819) - ceramic series , quiet flush boat macerating toilet

MasterFlush Macerating Toilets - 8900 Series - with Macerator Flush Technology

SeaLand Gravity Toilets (3000, 4300,4400,500) - gravity flush permanent toilets

SeaLand Gravity Toilet - 711-M28 - Freshwater Toilet System

VacuFlush Vacuum marine Toilets (140,3100,4600,4700,4800,500,5000, 706) with efficient vacuum flushing

VacuFlush series 5000 toilets comes in three different heights, compact fixtures for clean and instant evacuation of contents.

RushFlush Series Toilets

RushFlush Toilets Marine Series 9300 - 9400 are specially designed from the marine sanitation team at Dometic Group for large size commercial and fishing boats. Easy-to-install toilet system "RushFlush" Marine toilets deliver robust quality and high-velocity flushing.

Currently available on Dometic Series 9331 RushFlush toilet with flush handle and
9431 toilet equipped with wall switch. Both toilet systems are dual high-velocity water jets and and propel effluent, easy play & plug installation and no waste-macerating mechanical system required.

RushFlush 9331 Series toilet

The next-generation energetic Marine toilet RushFlush 9331 with flush handle. To meet individual water efficiency requirements 9331 system come with patent-pending design offers adjustable flush duration programming. With a standard flush using only 2 to 1/8 gallons of water RushFlush 9331 also requires less water per flush. To prevent overflow of the holding water tank, toilet safety systems include a ¾ full tank option with shutdown option and indicator light. The RushFlush 9331 toilet is available in one size , 12 V DC or 24 V DC modles in bone or white colors. For enhanced comfort and luxury they are equipped with deep bowl and elongated enameled wood seat.

RushFlush 9431 Series toilet

Jet flush toilet come with Electric flush activation with wall switch, Gewiss and Vimar compatible. Available only in white color and weight only 24.5kg. DC is 12 volt system only.

PortableToilets Series

Small and portable, but a big performer Plastic toilets series.
Handy and space saving, the series adds hygienic comfort to your motorhome with many functions(sensible) are contained in the smallest possible space to ensure that you can enjoy comfort when travelling like home.

960 Series Portable Toilets (9,5L holding tank)

Dometic Plastic toilet SaniPottie® (with Full-size seat) with durable design, "drop it, stand on" it Attractive plastic matte finish. Scratch resistant cover finish for easy cleaning, Comfortable seat and lid provide safety and comfort side latches lock firmly for added safety.

Polyethylene portable toilet with Self-contained 18.9-liter and 9.5-liter holding tank models. Bellows pump flush.
color options:Parchment and platinum
Uses less than 1 pint (.4 l) per flush.

Dometic toilet model 960 (on photo below) flushing portable toilet as new in box. Scratch resistant finish and Ideal for caravan, camping or boat. Including a supply of chemicals.

972 Series Portable Dometic Toilets (10L holding tank)

Portable toilet with innovative design this high-quality toilet offers powerful flushing with less pumping as well as splash-free and Easy to use push-button operation.

More efficiency and hygiene through powerful piston pump.

(H x W x D) (mm) 317 x 333 x 387 and weight (kg) 5.4

976 Series Portable Dometic Toilets (18,9L holding tank)

18.9 l holding tank Portable toilet with More efficiency powerful piston pump. Due to an innovative product design this high-quality toilet offers powerful flushing with less pumping as well as splash-free operation and discharge. Modern design and robust ABS quality with shiny surface.

(H x W x D) (mm) 387 x 333 x 387 and weight (kg) 5.9

970 Series Portable Dometic Toilets "SaniPottie®"

Now Dometic make their products safe for the enviroment no harsh chemicals and you might just not something more but something great. 970 Series Portable toilet comes without batteries or constant pumping.

Apart from the rest ,new 970 series portable toilets are powerful flushing at the touch of a button. Available in gray or tan colors they are crafted to meet contemporary style and design.

This series portable toilet is great for use also in small RVs and even in camping and picnics.

Amason's Portable Toilets

Amason's Portable Toilets, your Florida-Georgia weekend portable toilet specialists. Call Amason’s for your next tailgate party at the world’s largest cocktail party. They provide the cleanest portable toilets with reliable service RV pump-outs, fresh water for campers, boats, restroom and shower trailers all at reasonable rates.

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