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Pumps & Water Systems

Bilge and Aerator Pumps

The Heavy-Duty 1700 and 2000 bilge pumps have established Attwood into the
commercial market with value-loaded industrial-duty features and performance.
The Tsunami series of cartridge style bilge and aerator pumps are engineered
for higher performance in the most service friendly design imaginable. Their
cartridge style allows quick and easy replacement without the need to remove
hoses or mounting bases.
Automatic Bilge Pumps

All boats over 20' long with sleeping accommodations (excluding fold-out
cockpit seats) should use automatic bilge pump systems. Non-automatic
pumps drawing 12-amps or less can easily convert to automatic operation with
an Attwood Automatic Float Switch (part number 4201 or 4202).
Our Sahara Series automatic pumps are available in 500, 750 and 1100 gph
capacity models.

Bilge pumps are designed to exhaust standing water only. They are not intended
to prevent rapid accumulation of on-board water due to rough weather, hull
damage, and/or other unsafe navigational conditions.

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