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Find appropriate manufacturers and exporters of parts, boat accessories of the top producers in the boating industry.

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Manufacturers and exporters of parts, accessories of the top producers in the boating industry | Plumbing, Pumps and Heads >>

Accumulator Tanks

Shurflo - Accumulator Tanks available from 21 Oz. to 6 gal. provide total control of a wide range of water pressure problems, in a wide range of applications

Bilge Pumps

Flojet - Self-priming diaphragm pump with 12v or 24v DC electric engine

Edson - Full line of marine/boat pumps and pumps accessories

Whale - Manual and Electric pressure Bilge Pumps and Accessories

Rule - Non-Automatic, Rule-Mate Automated, and Rule Automatic Bilge Pumps, a complete range of Bilige Pumps

Jabsco - Bilge Pumping Pumps, Systems and Accessories, essential component for any boat

Attwood - Engineered for higher performance Attwood offer Automatic Bilge Pumps, Standard Bilge Pumps and Accessories

Johnson Pump Marine - A large range of submersible bilge pumps you will not be disappointed. Combined with low cost and easy installation, these pumps have heavy duty engine with stainless steel shafts and tough thermoplastic bodies

SeaSens - Bilge Pumps, Systems and Accessories

- Efficient, Reliable, Smart, Efficient. Everything you're looking for in a bilge pump.

Drain Plugs




Raritan - Two bowl sizes available. Manual Toilets are with modern design and materials, clean to use, easy to service

Porta Potti - Top comfort and quality toilets for more than 35 years, we offer best mobile toilets and toilet care products & accessories

Jabsco - The largest manufacturers and suppliers of small craft marine toilets

SeaLand - A versatile-large range of high-quality marine comfort & style toilets

Wilcox Crittenden - Permanent Toilets and Portable Toilets, Parts and Accessories, 40 years of experience. Thetford brand line of marine toilets

Thetford Marine Toilets - Permanent Marine Comfort, Wall, Carbon, Manual and Electric Toilets and Portable Boat, RV Toilets

DOMETIC & SeaLand Toilets - Marine Electric and Portable Toilets

Holding Tanks

Raritan - Compact and Custom Holding Tanks and Tank Accessories


Sea Tech - High quality, cost effective fluidic connection solutions for all your boat plumbing needs

Shields - Water/Heater Hose

Marine Livewell Pumps

Rule - Unsurpassed quality and leadership in bilge pump design and technology includes a large range of Livewell/Aerator pumps, pumps accessories and kits

Shurflo - An extremely rugged, trouble-free livewell pump


Jabsco - Macerator pump 18590-2092 are the ideal answer to simple holding tank pumpouts. Jabsco Macerator, Heavy Duty and Waste Diaphragm Pumps

Shurflo - Macerator Pumps are specifically constructed for sanitation waste and fish box evacuations




Conbraco - Conbraco Apollo Seacocks

Shower Pumps/Sumps

Jabsco - 3 Different types shower drain pumps: self priming diaphragm pumps and a centrifugal sump/pump unit and Flexible Impeller pumps

Whale - Shower Waste Pumps

Rule - A compact, full capacity shower drain system, check valve to prevent back flow and removable strainer for easy cleaning

Flojet - Self-priming diaphragm pump with 12v or 24v DC electric engine


Tank Monitors

Raritan - The finest holding tank monitor available with easy-to-read tank level indicators, Reliable electronic design protected for the marine environment, Simple installation and Low power consumption

SeaLand - Tank Level Indicators and Discharge Controls, models with 1 Alert System and 4 Level Monitor System
Philippi Manufacturer - Tank Monitors and Sensors

Thru Hulls




Apollo, Ball Valves - Three-Way, Full port & Flow & Shut off, 5-Port and Center tap quality valve series

JG - Acetal and Polypropylene Valves


RM69 - Split-up and Non-return Valves

Forespar - Marine Seacocks and Ball Valves

Marinetech GmbH - Shut-Off/Three-Way Ball Valves

Manufacturers and Products Review

12-volt flow control valve - (Storage Problems) How to Avoiding Fuel Theft

Waste Treatment

Raritan - Dvice for fresh water lakes and rivers, Electro scan, Device provides effective reliable treatment of onboard sewage for up to 12 persons per day and Device for environmentally friendly treatment of waste

Water Heaters

Raritan - Max comfort and convenience of reliable hot water

Force Ten

ProSafe - Boat Tankless water heaters

Water Pressure Systems


Flojet - Sensor VSD Pumps and Switched Pumps

Johnson Pump Marine - A range of DC driven diaphragm pumps to cover the various capacity and pressure needs of the perfect water pressure or deck washing solution for both small and medium sized leisure and commercial yachts or boats.

Marine Drainage System by Ocean TUFF CPVC

With complete equipment fabrication and design capabilities, SPEARS Company has developed one of the most streamlined production processes in the industry include for marine industry. From custom molding lines to automated, high speed ink jet bar code application, the focus is on variables elimination. Even injection molding machines are rebuilt from the ground up to SPEARS® own internal specifications. Mixed with the latest technology, such as computerized process controllers, maximum control of all the process
parameters is obtained.

Spears Manufacturings OceanTUFF is a CPVC Drainage System for marine applications. Recently awarded US CGuard and ABS approvals. OceanTUFF
provides a lightweight, durable and cost-effective alternative to traditional drainage materials used in marine applications. OceanTUFF meets the toxicity/smoke requirements of the 2010 FTP Code, low flame and may be installed in concealed spaces in accommodation, service and control spaces too.

Water Outlets/Fittings

Newfound Metals


Sea Tech

Water Pumps / Wash Down Pumps



Johnson Pump Marine - Water Pressure Systems and Wash Down Systems

EcoTech Marine - Propeller Pumps

Water Strainers

Perko - Underwater Hardware and Water Strainers


Sherwood - A large range of Water Strainers. Sherwood raw water strainers offer protection of the cooling pumps and other marine components such as live wells and air conditioning systems

Hand Pumps

Scotty - A wide range of Hand Pumps. Easily disassembled for easy cleaning

Jabsco - Hand Pumps

Rule - Compact Pumps, easy to store as an emergency back-up pump

Wastecorp's - Powerful, silent and strong, the hand pump series is the ideal choice for on-the-spot pumping of all types of wastewater and slurry applications.

Sevylor Pumps - Hand & Power Pumps for inflatables

Marine Plumbing and Pumps

Injection & feed pumps - The difference between feed and injection pumps

DC submersible pump problems

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