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Jabsco world wide will supply a top-quality product. Jabsco is also well known for their wide range of marine sanitation products, engine room ventilation, searchlights and pumping accessories.


Jabsco Marine Product Listing:

Bilge Pumping Systems
Circulation Pumps
Diesel & Oil Transfer Pumps
Engine Cooling Pumps
General Purpose Pumps
Searchlights & Floodlights
Sink & Shower Drain Pumps
Toilet & Waste Systems
Ventilation Blowers
Water Pressure Systems
Deck & Anchor Wash


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Jabsco 2013-2014 New Pumps

Jabsco PAR Max Plus Series

18 Models Water Pressure Pumps

Flow rate: 15-23 Litres/min

New Pumps developed from Jabsco with a reputation of excellence in quality. Company is able to offer water pumps to a wide variety of 16 Models available on 12 & 24V d.c, giving approximate flow rates of 15 to 23 litres. All Models are made from Corrosion resistant materials, body from Glass Filled Polypropylene, equiped with
Snap-fit port fittings port connections and Self-priming from dry up to 2.4m. Marine-Ignition Protected Pumps that meets process industry standards: ISO 8846,EN 50081-1 Electro-magnetic Compatibility and USCG Regulation 183.410.

Pumps are smooth flow, can run dry, reduce annoying vibration and noise equiped with Snap-fit port fittings co-injected molded diaphragm and Sealed switch.

12/24 (Vdc) models:

Cut-Out 70, (psi) 4.8 (bar); 25 (psi), 1.8 (bar); 40 (psi), 2.8 (bar); 70 (psi),4.8 (bar);

Jabsco HotShot Series Washdown Pumps Series

18 Models HotShot Washdown Pumps

New Washdown Pump Series - "HotShot " developed from Jabsco with a New Compact 3 chamber design for greater pumping water efficiency. Some models includes Pressure Nozzle and Port Fittings, Pumpgard Intake Strainer, other plus 25' of hose coil.

12 Models available on 12 & 24V d.c, giving approximate flow rates to 15 Litres/min.

Jabsco "HotShot " can pump water up to a height of 2,5m and create pressure to up to 4.1 bar.

All Models are Corrosion resistant, equiped with low vibration Sealed motors. Marine HotShot Series Pumps meets Ignition Protection Standards: ISO 8846 MARINE.

This New 4.0 GPM Model Jabsko Washdown Pump provides maximised higher pressure of small to medium sized boats. Pumps come with Included a nozzle, strainer, and fittings for a wide variety of installations on vessels. This new Jabsco model designed with a sealed motor plus pump head provides the same ease of installation as all Company's quality water pressure pumps, kits, tools and products.

To find more products at Xylem Brand JABSCO® for the leisure marine sector include cooling engine pumps , water pump system or waste pumps visit the Xylem flow-control web site.

General Purpose Pumps

Utility Hand Pumps


Self Priming Brass piston type hand pumps/

7 to 40 strokes/gallon


• Pump more liquid with less effort
• Never need coaxing or priming and give full suction on the first stroke
• Pumps can be used in any position.
• Some models include hose(s) or adjustable mounting brackets.
• Available in two sizes with 1-3/4" and 1-1/4" diameter cylinders.

Body Brass
Elastomers Nitrile
Port Type 15mm (1/2") or 25mm (1") depending on model

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