One more useful application for Porta-potti toilets

You can use the next best thing for the toddlers to learn toilet training while maintaining licensing standards. A high-tech flushing porta-potti portable toilet! When the children are older and can walk to the bathroom themselves they can use our real bathroom, until then you will have a small little restroom system built into the room.

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Using your Porta Potti®

To ensure effective functionality and optimum performance of the toilet system, Thetford has designed uniquely formulated toilet Additives and rapid dissolving Aqua Soft toilet paper. Thetford toilet Additives prevent unpleasant odours, suppress gas formation and keep the inside of the waste holding tank clean. By promoting the decomposition of solids in the waste holding tank, the Additives also prevent blockages when emptying.

With average use the Porta Potti can be used for 2-5 days before the waste tank requires emptying. Simply and hygienically the waste tank of the Porta Potti can be detached and taken to the nearest waste disposal point.

To empty simply twist the integrated emptying spout outwards, unscrew the cap, push the vent button to allow air to enter the waste tank and then pour waste out.

Clever and convenient.

Porta Potti Portable RV/Marine Toilets

Porta Potti® Toilets

Porta Potti® 260B Portable Toilets

The Porta Potti portable toilets by Theford comes with modern appearance designed includes a redesigned valve handle, cleaner seat, fill pump and cap, and a more-ergonomic carrying handle, with lid latch and as standard. It averages 27 flushes, and the waste and fresh water tank hold 2.6 gallons. Improving styling for marine and RV use.

The 260B Portable Marine Toilet Dimensions: H: 12.2" (31cm) W: 13.4" (34cm) L: 15" (38cm)



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