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The company plays an important role in vital markets including water and fluids management, global security and defense , motion and flow control.

Rule Marine Pumps

Hand & Portable Pumps

Constructed of sturdy ABS plastic with comfort-grip handle providing smooth firm strokes. Available in 24" (610mm) or 36" (914mm) with hose.

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8 GPM (30 LPM)

Capacity 8 gph 30 lph
Hose size ID 29 mm 1-1/8 inches
Size 24” (610mm) With 2’ (0.6m) of 1-1/8”(29mm) hose

10 GPM (38 LPM)

Capacity 10 gph 38 lph
Hose size ID 29 mm 1-1/8 inches
Size 36” (914mm) With 4’ (1.2m) of 1-1/8”(29mm) hose

Marine Pumps & Plumbing


Rule Marine Pumps - Marine, RV use

Rule Marine Pumps

Rule Centrifugal/circulation Pumps

General Purpose Pumps

End Suction Rule Pumps are complete submersible well designed to be mounted below the waterline, delivers at low pressure lots of water. Corrosion and rust proof and vibration-free operation End Suction pumps are designed 1-1/2" (38mm) discharge inlet and and 1-1/2" (38mm) outlet.

Available in 3 different models:12, 24 or 32 (Vdc)

Slimline Marine Pumps

Rule marine pumps that are available for General Transfer, Water testing, Marine(include engine winterizing) and RV Applications. Continuous duty Pumps capable of pumping hot or cold fresh and seawater, antifreeze and even fuel.

Slimline pumps can be used in tight spaces and delivers up to 500 GPH available in 7 models: 12 Volt and 24 Volt models, capable of pumping Diesel fuel or Not for use with diesel fuel.

Rule Submersible Electric Pumps

110 Volt Rule Pump

Totally submersible 110 (VAC) Volt Rule Pump manujfactured to remove water. Available in automatic and non-automatic 3 versions

Rule Pump 600

The Rule 360 Boat pump provides outstanding value and top quality. Specially designed 12 Volts DC lightweight Pumps for small vessels. Available in 3 versions

Rule Pump 500

The Rule 500 Series Boat pumps provides outstanding value and top quality.Pump are popular on smaller boats, unmatched in pumping power and longevity. 3/4'' (19mm) discharge outlet. Available in 12 versions

Rule Pump 700 & 750

Rule 700/750 G.P.H Pums offer increased capacity pumping,Sufficient for Many boat Owners in keeping with it's 3/4" (19mm) discharge outlet. Available in 5 versions.

Rule Pump 800

Rule 800 G.P.H designed in two type versions : round and square, both are 12 Volts DC offer increased capacity in 4 versions and 36 mounting variations

Rule Pump 1000

36 mounting One Version variations and a gas resistant strainer base The Rule 1000 gph, 3785 lph is a popular choice for boat owners

Rule Pump 1100

The Rule 1100 gph round Pumps offers impressive pumping power. Available in 9 versions, automatic and Non-Automatic 12v and 24v models.

Rule Bilge Pump 1500

The Rule 1500 gph Bilge Marine Pumps offers High pumping capacity for its size. 1-1/8" ( discharge outlet and is a popular choice among boat owners and boatbuilders alike. Available in 6 versions,12v and 24v models.

Rule Bilge Pump 2000

High pumping capacity and reliability at a lower cost. The Rule 2000 havy duty Pumps offers more exclusive design and more pumping power
than any comparable units. Available in 12,24 and 32V, Non-Automatic and Automatic 8 versions.

Rule Bilge Pump 3700

More pumping power heavy duty electric pums, 1-1/2" (38mm) discharge outlet. Available in 12,24 and 32V, Non-automatic and Automatic 6versions.

Rule Bilge Pump 4000

Rule 4000 heavy duty electric pums manufactured for both pleasure and commercial boat use.This Power Bilge Pumps features the highest capacity available for a pump its size and Weight 2,4kg. Available in 12,24 and 32V, Non-Automatic and Automatic 4 versions.

Rule Bilge Pump 500 PWC

Compact design Power 12v PWC 500 Rule Marine pump designed to Removes water from engine compartment. Super lightweight suitable for fresh or salt water pump Equipped with gasoline resistant strainer base and 72" wire leads.


Specialty Pumps

HiSpeed Inflator & Deflator Pump

HiSpeed Inflator 12V Rule Pump designed especially for inflatable boats, ribs and crafts. Compact Rule Pump come Supplied with an adaptor for all major type inflatable boats in the market. Inflates and Deflates Airflow capacity of of 550L / Minute

Rule Specialty Marine/RV Pumps

Sump & Pool Cover 110 V Pumps

Rule Automatic Pump come in Non-Automatic & Automatic versions utilizing standard 110 volt AC current.Available in two versions,8 feet and 24 Cord.

Pool Cover Rule Pump

The Rule Fully Automatic Pump with Leaf Protector and strainer base. Equipped with Heavy Duty Long Life Power 110 volt , 1800 GPH Motor, but Low Power (100 watts) Consumption. Constructed to Protects against debris and leaves and keeps the pump stable and upright.

Rule Portable Pump Kit

Rechargeable Pump Kit is award-winning. Charge N' Flow can be used in a variety of applications, bilge water from boats( 5.5T inches and 1.5D inches) include for many household applications.

The Rule kit comes complete with a 12 volt 280 GPH power pump,AC battery charger, a vehicle adapter(boat,car, truck, RV etc), and It's capable of pumping antifreeze, seawater, cold, hot (to 80ēC) freshwater and diesel. For use in submersible mode this compact Portable Kit come with Removable Filter.

Kt Components
-Pump with Quick Disconnect Fitting and Fuse
- Battery Terminal Power Adaptor
-Vehicle Adaptor
-8’ Lay Flat Hose
-Case with Integrated Battery

-Spray Nozzle
-Battery Charger

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