Company profile of Sea Tech Corporation. Find out about our brands and product line, our products Valves, Fittings, Tubing, Kits and much more can be used in wide range of applications, iclude marine applications, for Boat Builders or marine markets with over 80 percent, supplier of water plumbing parts, market penetration in north America and all other international markets around the World. Sea Tech, Inc Company focus and dedication on supplying the highest performing product range of "Manifolds", "Valves", "marine valves" and quick connect fittings for the lowest - price assures a continued better-success for all involved. In addition "Sea-Tech" is responsible for providing the Highest performing, professional products for Industry.Our products, that are the Best choice mainly as boat & yacht builders are successfully applicable in many nautical and boat applications including fresh and raw water washdown, potable water, dual-pump livewell systems, chilled and drain water lines or washing systems.

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Established in 1995, Sea Tech, Inc. provides reliable, high quality, cost effective fluidic connection solutions for all your plumbing needs.

Sea Tech

With our full range of Inch and Metric size quick-connect fittings, valves, manifolds and PEX tubing make us your single source supplier.

Sea Tech's mission to provide customers the best product available, with on-time delivery, at the best possible price.

Sea Tech marine products:

10 Series Small Diameter Fittings & Valves

10 Series of Sea Tech Fittings and Valves parts are constructed in polypropylene and are made from FDA materials-approved (certified to NSF-61). They are perfect(rated 140F - 4 bar and 70F - 10 bar) for water systems, POU installations, drinking and beverage service and other water filtration applications.

Series include:Male and FemaleConnectors, Reducing Stem, Union Connectors, Elbows, Reducing Union Elbows, Stackable Elbows, Male Elbows, Union Tees, Reducing Tees, Male Stems, Stop Valves, female Angle Valves and Male Stop Valves

Inch Size Fittings, Manifolds, Valves, and Tubing

Metric fittings by Sea Tech are made in several models (rated 140F -6.8 bar and 75F - 17 bar) from high performance materials FDA and NSF-61 certified for water systems and drinking water.

Series include: Female Swivel Connectors, Reducing Stems and Unions, Union Elbows, Stackable Elbows, Male and female Elbows, Union,Stackable and Reducing Tees, Check Valves, End Stops and Plugs Mount Elbows and kit, Dual Union Body and Stem Body.

Metric Size Fittings, Manifolds, Valves, and Tubing

Bronze Maxi-Flo Check Valves(Maximum Pressure: 400psi -27.6 bar.) for marine use feature a bronze body-valve with NPT female threaded connections. These silent check valves have a low pressure drop and perfect in a vertical or horizontal position installed.

Series include: Maxi-Flo Check Bronze Valves, Thru-Hull and Chrome Plated Fittings, hrome Plated Bronze Thru-Hull Assemblies, Flow-full Flanged Seacocks, Full Flow Ball Valves, Hose Bibb, 90-Bronze Pipe to Hose Adapter, Thru-Hull Assemblies and Intake Strainers.

Supercoil System

24 Series fittings (rated 140F -6.8 bar and 75F - 17.25 bar)are constructed from acetal for general plumbing use. These fittings interconnect with Sea Tech's 35 Series connections.

Series include: Tubing Cutters, O-Ring Assemblies, Cone Seals, Pipe Clips, Male Connectors, Reducing Stems, Union Connectors, Union, Stackable Male and female Elbows, Union & Stackable Tees, End Stops etc.

Watts Marine

performance U.V. resistant plastic, to mount with three screw holes, to flush mounted parts

Series include: Econo-Tap-male garden hose, Speed-Tap-an automatic shut-off valve, Speed-Tap Hose Adaptor, Supercoil Blue- corrosion resistance plastic hose ends, Side Mount and Supercoil White.

Custom Products, Kits, and Assemblies

In a variety of lengths and hose ends Uniflex Hoses- made from a high performance PVC material.

Custom made washdown pump kits for specific requirements.


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Sea Tech Marine & Dock applications

Also "Sea Tech" Company is the one of the world's leading companiey in the world to provide products to customers in several Metric formats and diameters. Company provides the easiest to install water systems provides a number of construction services for dock construction globally for commercial or individual Builders. 'Sea Tech' offer series corrosion resistant connectors,allows connections to Multiple materials without the need for special tools or tube inserts in the coldest of warmest and cold climates, easy and simple unique design that make it easy to install without any requirement of special tools, nuts, clamps or welding. Generally, we offer full range of cost effective fluidic easy-connection-solutions for all kind of your plumbing—systems and repairs and Company is a member of the NMMA and meets or exceeds all A.B..C standards, products are certifies to N.S.F, A.N.S.I and A.S.T.M worldwide quality standards in order to facilitate international cooperation in the exchange of goods.