Sevylor power, rechargeable and manual pumps

Sevylor pumps for inflatable boats

Sevylor Pumps

Sevylor Company today offers a wide variety of pumps, include 12V, 120V and even manual hand or foot versions. Sevylor Pumps are specially designed for inflatable boats that are easy to carry and operate anywhere. Whether you need the power, rechargeable or the easy convenience of a hand pump for your water fun and adventure - Sevylor ltd. deliver the performance you demand.



Dual Action Pump

Dual Action manual Pump manufactured in innovative design to fit Sevylor Double Lock-TMValves and added adaptors fit Sevylor Mini Double Lock- Valves, pinch and boston valves .

This high-power Hand Pump pump inflates up to 1.0 PSI. Simple twist the connector lock to inflates or deflates

15 PSI Single action Pump

15 PSI compact (9 in. x 18 in) Hand pump inflates up to 15 PSI. Perfect and power for quick inflation of high pressure boats and inflatable canoes. This Single action pump work only with single-port high pressure valves. Pump come eguipped with HR valve adapter.

Sevylor Foot Pump

Bellows compact foot Dual Action pump. Come eguipped with Universal valve fittings and pump inflates up to 4.5 psi



Sevylor Dual Action 12V Pump

Powerful Dual Action 12Volt Pump come equipped with with Sevylor and Coleman adaptors, Boston, pinch and Double Lock™ Sevylor valves. Quickly pump inflates up to 0.5 PSI

High-power 120V Pump

High-power 120 Vols Dual Action Pump is manufactured for high-pressure performance, equipped with Reinforced armor hose and Sevylor, Coleman, smaller pinch and Boston valves. Power Pump inflate or deflate virtually any boat, float towable, or airbed

Water Resistant 12V Pump

Water Resistant 12V Pump from Sevylor®. The Inflator 12 volt pump are a incredible DUAL ACTION, AUTOMATIC, pumps manufactured in China for universal use with valves that fit Sevylor Double/Mini Lock™ pinch and Boston valves. Designed to inflate inflatable boats to 1.0 PSI with no effort at all.