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Designed for Marine and Multipurpose Applications

For commercial or leisure marine bilge pumping applications, the Sludge Sucker polypropylene hand pump series provides a compact and easy way to get your job done. You choose from either a 1" or 1 " connection. And, at 12 GPM @ 60 Strokes per minute, your fuel is all that's required to get the job done.

Wastecorp's , Sludge Sucker Marine Pumps

Sludge Sucker Polypropylene Pumps

Sludge-Sucker Hand Pumps

Heavy duty polypropylene construction designed for marine and multi-use pump outs. 1" and 1" sizes

Strong, silent and powerful, the Sludge-Sucker hand pump series is the ideal choice for on-the-spot pumping of all types of wastewater and slurry applications. It can be used as a portable pumps.

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