Power House

  • Ice Eaters

    - The Ice Eater is designed to prevent ice from forming around boats, marinas, docks, and piers as well as effectively melting existing ice by breaking the surface with a continuous current of warmer bottom water.

    Ice Eater's propeller draws up warmer subsurface water and deflects it to the surface creating a constant circulation of warmer water that prevents ice formation.


Boat Anchoring & Docking

Ice Eaters

Power House Production

The Powerhouse, Inc. - Manufacturers of Aerators, Fountains and the Ice Eater

  • Aerators

    - Low oxygen levels result in costly and devastating fish kills. The Power House offers the most reliable, energy efficient and cost-saving aeration solution to prevent these catastrophic losses. The Power House aerators are specially designed for portability and ease of installation.
  • Lighting Accessories

    - Lighting accents are available on both fountains and dual propeller aerators. The F250 is available in LED . All are mounted on black floats.

    Both the halogen and the LED come completely assembled and ready to install.