The Top leading manufacturer of comfort and convenience products for the recreation and Marine industry, Carefree brings valuable experience and resources to the Powerwinch business.


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Powerwinch Production

Powerwinch Products:

  • Marine Trailer Winches - The most recognized name in Electric Trailer Winches! Renowned for long-term reliability, testing, and the highest quality standards of excellence.
  • Pontoon Anchor Windlasses - Helm-operated, push-button anchoring for pontoon and fishing boats.
  • Free-Fall Anchor - Automatic helm-operated free-fall windlasses - The safest way to anchor.
  • Windlasses Capstans - Rather than using the hand over hand method of retrieving lines, the capstan offers a mechanical advantage that is both faster and safer.
  • Accessories - Marine Electronics
    Universal Wiring Kits, Solenoids, and Switches
    Foot Switch.
    "2 in 1" Combined Foot Switch for Anchor Windlasses
    Anchor Safety Strap.
    Prevents the accidental launch of the anchor.