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Filters for fuel, oil, air, and filtration systems made by Racor , range of products include water and fuel separator systems, flow vessels, transmission filters, duty engine air filters, oil filters and ventilation systems, Applications include top quality and save equipment for marine and power for marine industry around the world.


Controls Boat Parts and Steering

Marine Fuel Filters

Controls Boat Parts and Steering

Water Filters

Racor Production

Racor/Winn delivers the most effective fuel filtration available through the integration of enhanced fuel filtration, water separation and solid state electronic repriming.

  • Gas Filtration
  • Inline Gas Filters
  • Spin On Gas Filters
  • Marine Gas Series
  • 110A Gas/Diesel Filter

  • Diesel Filtration

  • Spin On Diesel Filters

  • Marine Turbine Series

  • Hose & Fittings

  • Blue 221FR Hose

  • Fuel/Air Separator

  • Vacuum Gauges

  • Water Sensor

Racor water/drinking filters - we offers more filter types, filter solutions and one or more configurations with optimum system filter solutions. We offer a full range of fuel/Water Separators and two types, Removal and Sediment Removal. Drinking Water Filters (WFA12 Series 5 to 60 micron) and Filtration Systems. Water filters by Racor for sale can you find here, Shopping List Include 1000FG Diesel Fuel Filter and Water Separator, NEW Series RACOR 500FG , Water Absorbing 50GPM Hydraulic Filters, 75900FHX, 900MA[...]

Racor Fuel filters - we offers more filter types and specific filter models(Gas or Diesel) to help you with any filtration needs.

Gas fuel filters(GASOLINE) - These filters are specifically designed for marine ,outboard or inboard, gasoline systems or power boat engines, we offer also contaminate collection bowl units for outboard engines. Product line include multiple fuel flow ratings in-line filters and systems for any application.

Diesel fuel filters

Wide range of fuel filters(DIESEL) for Medium/light Duty Diesel Pickups, Heavy duty Turbine Series Available in 2, 10, and 30 micron and range of marine vilters series FBO, Turbine, 100 ,200, 400 & Marine 800 Series for large engine applications. A selection of Racor diesel fuel filters for sale by owner you can find here.