Rondal Marine Interior & Deck Hardware

Rondal has grown into an organisation that develops, engineers and manufactures complete mast solutions for today's larger boats and sailing yachts. Although primarily specialised in customised projects, deck hardware solutions are often supplied as an additional part of the overall package.


Boat Hardware, Deck & Interior Hardware

Interior Hardware

Rondal Production

The Rondal name has become synonymous with the design, engineering and manufacturing, not only of custom built mast packages, but also of hydraulic furling gear, hydraulic winches, deck hardware, and hatches for yachts of 50 ft and more over.

Products by Rondal:

  • Spars and Rigging
  • Winches
  • Hatches
  • Deck equipment
  • Doors

  • Spars and Rigging - spars and rigging package can be handled by Rondal, from design, through manufacturing and project co-ordination with all parties involved, to shipping, mast stepping and sea trials.

    - Masts
    - Booms
    - Rigging
    - Hydraulic Furling Systems

  • Winches - As yachts continue to grow in size, so the load on the various lines increases. Rondal has developed a range of drum winches and reel winches to meet these demands head on.

    - High gloss stainless steel drum winches,
    with pulling forces of 1500 kg to 18.000 kg.
    - Hard anodised aluminium reel winches,
    with pulling forces of 1500 kg to 18.000 kg.

    Key design and engineering features include:
    - Low noise levels
    - Virtually maintenance free
    - Reliability and safety with guaranteed pulling and holding power
    - Hydraulically driven

    Major builds over 25 metres to have fitted Rondal winches include Globana, Juliet, IL Doge, Foftein, Aphrodite, Hyperion, Anemos, the sister ships Anakena and Surama, Shanakee, Borkumriff III, Rebecca, Timoneer, Skipper, Sassafras, No Logic, Unfurled, Borkumriff IV, Adele, Scheherazade, Syl, Maria Cattiva, Alithia, Athena, EOS, Meteor, Mystere, Nirvana, Baltic 147 and 140 and several Swan's.

    - Reel Winches
    - Feeders

  • Hatches- Rondal hatches are produced to the specific requirements of clients. The input from decades of creative and innovative demands has ensured that our hatches offer good value for money.
    Built in aluminium or carbon fibre, all hatches are completely flush with the deck and made to millimetre-precise dimensions.

    Hatch material
    Rondal hatches were originally built from aluminium alloy. In the past five years however, market demands have led us to include both stainless steel and composite materials in our hatch production. Gutter sections can be built from aluminium, stainless steel and carbon composite and hatch sections are available in aluminium and carbon composite. Combinations of material are often chosen to suit the requirements. more >>

  • Deck equipment - Rondal has a wealth of experience with both standard and customised deck equipment. In addition to our famous deck blocks, we also design, engineer and produce a wide range of tailor-made deck equipment.

    From Genoa fairleads and mainsail travellers to running backstay flying and deck mounted blocks, all serve as examples of customised craftsmanship at its best. And all meet every conceivable function that owners and captains could require.
    - Blocks
    - Various Deck Equipment

  • Doors- The Ultimate Exterior Sliding Door Solution was recently developed by Rondal. Designed entirely in-house, the doors are electrically powered, feature inflatable seals and are available in both flat and curved styles. The doors also have the option of being single or double leaf with a choice of window panels. Each door is supplied together with a frame and control system as a plug-and-play unit for easy installation in yards.