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Scandvik - Providing high quality parts and accessories to boat or yacht owners and manufacturers in the pleasure and commercial markets.


Interior Seats &Chairs


Interior Seats &Chairs


Interior Seats &Chairs


Interior Seats &Chairs


Scandvik Production

Scandvik offers the quality Marine Hardware you need to stay afloat. Whether you are looking for Boat Lighting or Battery Chargers, your sure to find what you need our wide variety of top-quality products.

Scandvik- Product Lines :

  • Faucets-Showers - Stainless Steel 316 with chrome Transom Showerswith a choice of handle and hose combinations used in vertical or horizontal installations.
  • Sinks - available in various sizes and shape from 12' to 18" in diameter.
  • ABA Hose Clamps
  • Moonlight Hatches-Portlights
  • Linear Actuators - product just got better with the addition of electronic end of stroke settings.
  • Pedestals - stage telescopic Electric Table Pedestals and single stage telescopic Electric Table Pedestal - Marine grade dipped anodized aluminum.
  • Hardware
  • Dolphin Chargers-REYA
  • Lighting LED - Made of composite material with white frame and translucent lens,best choice for under gunwale lighting.
  • Battery Isolators - "MANTA II" Electronic battery isolaters.
Scandvik Lighting Products Catalog 2016 /PDF format/>>

Scandvik New Products have been incorporated into supplement catalog. Items included are a Stainless Steel cap for Scandvik line of showers, recessed boat showers, two new finishes of faucets, some new Stainless Steel sinks, a linear /programmable/actuator, LED and Marine lights, table pedestals and more.

Scandvik is a major marine supplier to the industry, importing and supplying the United States marine/boat market , such as: Andersen Winches, ABA Hose Clamps, Max Power Bow & Stern Thrusters.

About Scandvik Products

Scandvik's marine product range also includes exterior and interior volt lighting/12/24/, boat seats, Chair Pedestals, boat tables, door holders, deckfills, faucets, hatches, portlights, showers, and stainless steel sinks, LED - Made of composite material with white frame and translucent lens and Accessories.

Scandvik Marine company is a leading marine manufacturer of quality of boat parts from Battery Isolators to sail gear and hardware. Scandvik pride themselves in being able to come up with top quality products at the same time cost- excellent marine and boat products and accessories in the marine and boating industry. They have a full line of showers, faucet and Sinks available in different sizes, best materials and designs. Scandvik faucets Line have compact boat faucets with different shape and diameter,which makes it really easy to operate and great for compact spaces.

Their marine faucets have a smooth, single action control with compact boat water showers that have five inches of nylon hose for mobility on board.

Line of marine sinks - an entire assortment of boat/marine sinks from basins, rectangular sinks, round sinks, double or single, satin finish sinks - compatible with any decor and color scheme, brushed finished sinks or drains and fittings sinks. The wide variety of sinks that Scandvik assures every boater of finding the right sink for your needs.

Scandvik manufactures also pedestals - electric and stage telescopic that are great for any boat deck. Scandvik pedestals are classified as 2 stage telescopic, with a recessed based which means that it can be lowered all the way down to the floor.

Scandvik Marine Faucets - Scandvik Offer amazing vertically or horizontally models of Faucets/Showers and Systems - mono or mix styling traditional, modern, compact and classic design with and easy to use single lever control mixer.

Chrome plating faucets for corrosive marine environment.

Scandvik Marine - Mirror, Brushed and Satin Sinks - Scandvik manufacturer and Offer a great value of Stainless(304) Steel Sinks - various shape and various sizes with various Diameter, Depth, Flange and Shipping Weight, cylindrical(12'-18"Diameter), Satin Finish(15-3/4 - 12-3/4)for an undercounter installation, Brushed(17-1/4- 15)Series with Drain stopper and more sinks collision for boat.

LED Scandvik Lighting - Scandvik also Offer Composite, Polycarbonate & Aluminum Housing, from 5 to 12V, 15-20 watt output, excellent choice Led - lights.

Scandvik amazing Showers - we Offer Transom(Stainless Steel- "a touch" Showers)with choice of horizontal or vertical installations and handle, Nickel Finish Showers with single level control and Folding single or double Series for Horizontal or Vertical installation.

Scandvik table Pedestals - we Offer perfect Flush Pedestals for boat tables, Two stage Electric (12 Volt, 24-(special order)) and telescopic pedestals, Pedestals for Swivel Top tables and for Deck Mount.