Sea Dog

Quality Marine Industrial and Rigging Boat Hardware


Our products range of marine and industrial boat hardware includes over 5,000 items manufactured in stainless steel, chrome plated brass , galvanized steel and zinc, bronze and a multitude of plastic materials.


Boat Anchoring & Docking

Anchor Chocks

Boat Anchoring & Docking

Anchor Rodes & Chain

Boat Anchoring & Docking

Anchor Shackles & Swivels

Boat Hardware

Boat Docking & Deck

Sea Dog Production

Product range includes dock hardware, deck hardware, rigging and lifting hardware, 12V electrical and lighting accessories and marine ventilation.

  • Cleats and Chocks
  • Deck Hardware
  • Snaps and Shackles
  • Vents and Fuel Fittings
  • Rigging Hardware
  • Lights and Switches
  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Electrical
  • Rail Fittings
  • Miscellaneous