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Sea Tech, Inc. Fittings, Valves, Manifolds, and Tubing are the number one choice for Boat Builders and Marine Distributors worldwide. Over the last 7 years Sea Tech, Inc. has become the predominate supplier of water plumbing to the North American marine market with over 80% market penetration.


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Sea Tech, Inc.

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Sea Tech is proud to state that we have never had a customer change to another supplier. Sea Tech's dedication and focus on supplying the highest performing product range for the lowest possible cost assures a continued success for all involved. Sea Tech, Inc. is a member of the NMMA and meets or exceeds all ABYC standards. Sea Tech tests and third party certifies our products to ANSI, NSF, and ASTM standards.

Series products are manufactured in polypropylene and are made from FDA approved materials and certified to NSF-61. They are ideal for POU installations, drinking water systems, beverage service and water filtration applications.

    Sea Tech Products:
  • 10 Series Small Diameter Fittings & Valves
  • Inch Size Fittings, Manifolds, Valves, and Tubing
  • Metric Size Fittings, Manifolds, Valves, and Tubing
  • Supercoil System
  • Watts Marine
  • Custom Products, Kits, and Assemblies

Products Sea Tech, Inc. also offers the greatest product range in the market worldwide. Sea Tech is the only company in the world to offer products in several diameters in both Inch (imperial) and Metric formats. Sea Tech products are applicable in many nautical applications including potable water, raw and fresh water washdown, live well systems, air-condition chilled water lines, drain lines, and windshield washing systems.