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Tip quality and comfort. Dometic Sanitation Systems designs and builders on board sanitation systems and related equipment that exceed boat builder and end user expectations while protecting the marine environment.


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Our selection of SeaLand permanent and portable toilets, holding tank systems, sanitation accessories and convenience products are great for VacuFlush and other marine sanitation systems for boats and yachts.

Marine Toilets - Comfort, style and excellent water efficiency.

For houseboats, commercial vessels, and other toilet systems with direct discharge into a holding tank, we offer a versatile range of high-quality toilets.

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Other manufacturers & New Products:

The Sanitation Creations

Company Offers inovative sanitation solutions and products devoted to providing a clean, safe and enjoyable Boat ot RV bathroom experience.

2014 Odorless Dungaroo Toilet

18 inches (W) x 18 inches (L) x 20 inches (H)

The Sanitation Creations announces the launch of their new eco-friendly product Dungaroo Toilet into Boat and RV Market. The New design Toilets are is odorless, waterless, odorless, and requires no electricity or water - pumps. The New "Dungaroo" toilet utilizes a unique

lining designed from plastic material that traps odors, while an anti-microbial kills bacteria and aromatic pollutants with every flush.

The New Dungaroo is characterized by the Modern Design with innovative design treats and seals unlike the average boat toilets typically useconsume a lot of water, and include pipes, pumps, and electricity - outdated systems that fail to adequately block smell coming out. Today, these costly headaches are the past and you shouldn't have to worry about bathroom options aboard your boat while enjoying a sunny day at sea or at lake. Your water trip with a conventional Dungaroo toilet is restricted by safely emptying a waste tank at designated places. Dungaroo size space toilet cost only $400.


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