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Seateak Company teak products include a range of style deck chairs, made from the finest Indonesian teak with no knots, pinholes, stains or sapwood.

Seateak - New Teak Chairs

Teak Deck chairs

by Seateak

Solid Teak Chairs made this Company is designed to last for many years in an outdoor and hard environment. For a precise fit and finish process they use Machine cut production.

Each chair is hand sanded,precise fit and finish with a coat of teak oil to enhance the smooth finish of the wood and all they comes to your home with Heavy duty packaging.

New Deck Chair from Teak

Teak is used to make wooden boats, and other things which require resistance to the elements and this is the reason this outdoor furniture company are chose it.

The New Weatherly Deck Chair

Weatherly Deck Chair - new model

This Folding 6-Position teak deck chair is a slightly larger version of the Seateak "Avalon" chair series. The solid teak design and smooth finishmake it "perfect high" for dining tables and relaxing on your boat, patio or dock.

The Chair it comes in measures 24.25"W x 44.5"L x 24.75"D

The New Windrift Deck Chair

Windrift Deck Chair

The teak and stainless steel construction make this chair perfect for the outdoors.
A modern take on our Avalon chair, the teak Bimini Deck chair features Folding 6 Position, strong stainless steel legs for Modern look and a sleek design.

The Chair it comes in measures 23"W x 42.5"L x23.5"D

Deck Chair Bimini Teak

Bimini Teak model

Designed Chair with durability Textilene fabrics, perfect for the outdoors, the teak Weatherly chair TEXTILENE® fabric is breathable, rot resistant and mildew , strong, easy to clean and quick to dry as well. It's great solution for Outdoor,Camping or Marine Enthusiasts.

The Chair it comes in measures 23.5"W x 39"L x 23.25"D

Steamer Lounge "Britannia"

The Britannia Steamer teak folding lounge chair is perfect for lounging on your deck or boat, patio or pool side. Model Britannia deck chair have provided a place to rest weary feet and have a best relax. Add a few pillows and enjoy a relaxing time with a tablet or book. When not in use Britannia Collapses easily for storage.

The Chair it comes in Oiled Finish, measures 38"W x 57"L x 24"H

Folding Deck Chair "Avalon"

SeaTeak Avalon Folding and Multi-Position Deck Chair

This Folding model Avalon is Multi Position chair is perfect chair outdoor dining. Collapses easily for storage so you can use it as extra seating for guests.

The Chair it comes in Oiled Finish, measures 42" W x 27" L x 23" H

Teak Captain's and Director’s chairs

Both Deck chairs, have a significant difference in height, but similar smooth teak & stainless steel construction and water repellant high-quality fabric TEXTILENE®.

When you're looking forward to a day outside, the Captain's and Director’s Boat Chairs is the go-to for support, style and casual elegance at its core.

Backs and Seats and are available in two colors: Marine blue or white. For storage these beautiful Seateak chairs folds fast and easily so you can use for extra places for seating and etc. They are classic boat style and reliable craftsmanship will weather regular use and ever-changing trends for years to come.

Directorboat chair

The Director's Chair(above) it comes in measures 23.75" W x 34.5" H x 20.5" D

Captain Sea Teak deckchair

The Captain's Chair(above) it comes in measures 23.75" W x 43.75" H x 21.75" D

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