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Vetus -

developer, designer and manufacturer company selling marine engines, generators and
technical equipment include seawater resistant boat seats/pilot chairs and accessories for recreational craft and small commercial boats and yachts.

Vetus- Quality Marine Products and Boat Seats/Chairs

Tha range of VETUS boat seats are solid construction & super comfort is aimed at the top end of the marine market.


VETUS- Head Office:
Fokkerstraat 571
3125 BD Schiedam-Holland


Pilot Chairs

(boat seats)

Helm Boat Pilot chair/seat

COMMODORE Series of VETUS features a wide seat base and generous cushioning for max comfort on long journeys, seawater resistant pilot seats plus seat legs and two arm rests, designed in anodised aluminium or high-grade plastics and UV resistant vinyl covers

Commodore Dimensions A: 100, B: 450, C: 560, D:650 mm

Fold-up helm "Admiral"Boat Pilot chair/seat

Admiral with ergonomically shapedseat and comfortable standing position features
a lifting seat base, seat position can be achieved

Admiral Dimensions A: 160, B: 520, C: 640, D:580 mm

"Captain"Boat Pilot chair/seat

Captain Removable Boat pilot Seat made of synthetic material, All seat parts of these series are made of
100% seawater resistant anodised aluminium or high-grade UV plastics.

Captain Dimensions A: 110, B: 530, C: 520, D:540 mm

"Caribbien"Boat Helm Pilot chair/seat

Pilot Seat Series with solid and strong construction, adjustable 94-63 degrees seat, high back rest with armrests. Caribbean Boat Seat is continuously adjustable and can be lifted.

Caribbien Dimensions A: 130, B: 810, C: 560, D:640mm

model available in White and Navy Blue Colours

"President"Boat Helm Pilot chair/seat

Pilot Seat "President" Series with solid and strong construction, with lifted armrests .

President Dimensions A: 200, B: 800, C: 650, D:680 mm

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