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WAECO specialists in mobile technology
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... your specialist for mobile technology. We are happy to guide you through our product range, which includes mobile refrigeration, power supply systems and accessories, automotive comfort products and vehicle air conditions, service parts and equipment. Enjoy your journey of discovery through the pages of this site. You will find many exciting products, all designed for more comfort, more safety, more fun on the road.

Close to the customers worldwide
The passion for mobility and convenience is global, and so is WAECO.

Subsidiaries and joint ventures in Europe, the USA, Australia, the Middle and Far East supply our quality products to customers around the globe. In addition, we have a dense network of Distributors and service partners in 17 countries. No matter where you are in the world WAECO is within convenient reach.

Passionate about Comfort
Dometic Group is a customer driven, world-leading provider of leisure products for the caravan, motor home, automotive, truck and marine markets. We supply the industry and after market with a complete range of air conditioners, refrigerators, awnings, cookers, sanitation systems, lighting, mobile power equipments, comfort - and safety solutions, windows, doors and other equipment that makes leisure life more comfortable away from home.

Products line

Adler Barbour refrigeration systems are smaller and lighter than the competition. Built from all stainless steel components, the systems feature built in diagnostics, increased efficiency and are easy to install and service.

Seaward COMPOSITE LP Tank Features

Federally mandated overfill protection device
bullet Transparent (viewable propane level)
bullet 30% lighter than steel
bullet Corrosion free
bullet Cylinders are pre-purged
bullet DOT approved
bullet Manufactured by The Lite Cylinder Company

Seaward ALUMINUM LP Tank Features

Federally mandated overfill protection device
bullet Brass valves
bullet DOT approved
bullet Marine grade welded aluminum
bullet Made by Manchester Tank Company


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Dometic marine climate systems

 Unwinding after a marvellous day
Regardless of whether its cold or hot outside you enjoy a perfect climate. The Dometic air conditioner cools or heats your cabin, simultaneously it filters the air and reduces the humidity level. With powerful, efficient and environmently friendly technology in original equipment quality the outcome of fifty years of experience in boat air conditioning. Dometic marine climate systems are available in two performance categories, 5,000 or 15,000 BTU/h. Retrofitting is worthwhile in every respect.

Dometic's Marine - Cuddy dc Air Conditioning Kit

Outside It's 85°F, but Inside it's 67°F.

In the past, there was no way you could think of putting a built-in air conditioning system on a boat with a small cabin and no room for a generator. This means thousands of boaters are unable to escape the heat and humidity when underway, or to sleep comfortably at anchor on hot summer nights.

Air Conditioning - At Dock or Cruising

Dometic's Marine Air and Cruisair leading-edge engineering teams have developed a new practical seawater-cooled air conditioning system that runs on 12V DC power from dedicated batteries. The unique design also albws the unit to run on 115V shorepower when dockside.

Profit Making Opportunity

This means you can offer an air conditioning option on the smallest cuddy-cabin boats, providing a high-margin accessory that goes straight to your bottom line. It adds value to your boats, and gives your dealers a competitive tool for closing sales in a tough selling environment. Most important, it enhances customer satisfaction, which translates into brand loyalty when it comes time to trade in and trade up.

Dometic MCS 5 / MCS 15

Dometic air distribution kit

 Marine climate systems for retrofitting
Its all included in the kit: MCS 5 and MCS 15 are self-contained air conditioners with all A/C components mounted on a single chassis this saves space and cost. Air ducts, seawater pump, electrical box, control panel, all components required for installing and using your marine climate system is included in the delivery kit. The ideal retrofit solution for smaller yachts and boats.

 Accessories for marine climate systems
Cooling or heating two cabins with one air conditioner its possible with the Dometic MCS 15 in combination with the optional dual air distribution kit, which neatly adapts to the MCS15.

 How to select unit size
Selecting the right climate system for your application depends on the size of the room to be conditioned and in which part of the boat it is located. A cabin below deck will require less capacity per square metre of room area than an upper-deck cabin with large windows directly exposed to the sun. Our calculations assume an average headroom of two metres and ambient temperatures of 20BC to 35BC.

Maximum air conditioned room size (at ambient temperatures of 20 35BC) Below deck (no windows) Mid deck (small windows) Above deck (large windows) Dometic MCS 5 8 mB 5 mB 4 mB Dometic MCS 15 23 mB 15 mB 12 mB

MCS scope of delivery Compact, seawater-cooled, installer-friendly:
the new Dometic marine climate systems have been designed for retrofitting.

Depending on the size of the cabin you can choose between a 5,000 or 15,000 BTU/h model. If you opt for the MCS 15 and add the dual air distribution kit you can condition two cabins at the same time. Dometic marine climate systems also provide heating. Efficient heat pump technology makes sure it works at water temperatures as low as 6BC. Additionally, the air conditioner dehumidifies the air.

The high-velocity fan generates a powerful and quiet air flow. The blower outlet can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, depending on the installation conditions.

An easy-to-use control panel for all essential functions adds the finishing touch to your comfort climate solution.

How it works

Dometic MCS 5 and MCS 15 marine climate systems work on the heat pump principle, so they can be used for cooling as well as for heating.

As with all air conditioners, their operation is based on the transfer of heat. In cooling mode heat is extracted from the cabin air, transferred to the refrigerant and then released into the seawater. In heating mode, the cycle is simply reversed from the seawater into the cabin. It even works in water temperatures as low as 6BC.

The diagram on the left shows a typical installation layout for the Dometic MCS 15. This unit allows air conditioningor heating of two cabins by ducting the air flow in two directions with the optional air distribution kit.

 1) A/C unit of the MCS 15  2) Control panel 3) Supply air grille 4) Return air grille 5) Air duct, insulated

Correct installation of the air distribution system

MCS installation MCS installation MCS installation

Once you have selected a good place for the air conditioner (e.g. under a settee, in a piece of furniture or under a V-berth) and mounted it , you connect the insulated air ducting.
The return air grill should be installed close to the A/C unit, in the lower part of the cabin the supply air grill should be placed as high as possible [ cool air falls ] and as far away from the return air grill as possible to ensure good air circulation.

Seawater connection important things for you to note

MCS installation MCS installation MCS installation

The seawater components must be installed below the water line with a steady upward incline from the through-hull inlet through the strainer and pump to the A/C unit.
This prevents air becoming trapped in the seawater components. The discharge from the A/C unit to the seawater outlet should be as short and direct as possible to a point just above the water line.

MCS installation MCS installation

CORRECT: The pump is installed under the water line. A steady upward flow from the through-hull inlet to the A/C unit is provided. The discharge from the A/C unit to the hull outlet shows a slightly downward flow. All hoses are laid correctly (without kinks and loops) and secured with double clamps.

INCORRECT: The hoses have kinks, loops or high/low spots where air can be trapped. The seawater strainer must be installed below the pump. The hose connections are secured with single clamps only.