Telescopic Boat Ladders

Garelick Ponton 4 Step telescopic ponton boarding Ladder/easy to board and compact /

"easily to deck" stainless Steel Electropolished compact ladder for ponton boats with black molded 4 steps.

stainless steel telescopic ladders - Designed to provide that extra step from the water onto a transom platform, these ladders make for convenient boarding and compact stowing under or on top of transom platforms.

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AFI Two-step Telescopic Swim Ladder

stainless steel(304) construction with plastic treads

3-step Telescopic Swim Ladder

stainless steel(304) Ladder with plastic treads and nncludes gudgeons

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WindLine Over Platform Telescopic Boat Ladder /Model-TDL-2/ Under Platform Comfortable Stainless Steel Telescoping Boat Ladder /Model-UP-2/

Over Platform Telescoping Boat Ladder /Model-TDL-3/

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Eval - stainles steel telescopic ladder(maximum length: 115,5cm) with Shure-Steps have a non-slip surface, very versatile and extremely simple to boat use

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Ceredi - Boarding and Platforms Telescopic Pratical Ladders Adjustable compact Ladder design in Stainless Steel 316 specially designed for most functionally on inflatable boats. model are available with 3 Step (open:70 cm Close: 32 cm) more >>

Smartest and most compact solution Ladder design in Stainless Steel 316. Is the most compact and Pratical Series with sizes of closed ladder 27cm. models are available with 2(open:50 cm Close: 28 cm) and 3 Steps (open:73 cm Close: 31 cm)

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Armstrong - Line of Dive/r, Marine, Swing, Telescopic and RIB Ladders

Boat Interior & Boat Ladders

Boat Accessories - Yacht Interior, Seats and Tables

Armstrong manufacturing quality marine accessories since 1988, Deckplates, Marine Ladders and Outboard Motor Brackets.

Armstrong Nautical - Easy to Climb and Safety Ladders

Armstrong's new Series of RIB Ladder(rated to 400 400pounds) provides easy access and safety over the pontoons of your RIB. The Ladder is specially constructed to maintain an outward angle for easy supports and climbing and supports.

Armstrong's also offer Pole Telescopic Ladder (three and four step models) available in three and four step models, transom mounting options and Ladder's mounting systems provide slide-out, deck mount .

Armstrong's Deckplates(patented) are require no tools to use and extremely strong- have been proving their worth on Armstrong Outboard Motor Brackets for twenty years! Need access to electrical, valve, plumbing gauges, fasteners or clean out.


Armstrong Nautical

3140 S.E. Dominica Terrace
Stuart, Florida 34997
Phone: 800-226-7204 (USA only)
Local: (772) 286-7204
Fax: (772) 288-1339

Boat / Dive


Armstrong Dive/r and Boat Ladders are made of 304 stainless steel elements with plastic steps, they are lihtweight under 10 pounds.

The Ladders are constructed to allow easy access to the platform and have open ended steps fo convenience to divers wearing fins with 3 years waraanty and it Floats. Avaliable in four sizes and are easly attached and removed for storage from either the transom or swim platforms.


Ladders - Fin Friendly - Dive Standart Boarding Ladders & Mounts

Designs Available 2, 3 and 4 step models

The pole Ladders are rugged simple design and provides ease to the trailer or boat in water and durability, fixed and swinging design.

Ladder Models:
2 Step - 28'Tall -constricted for smaller boats
3 Step - 34'Tall -designed for most boats
3 Step - 40'Tall -added lenght for medium to large boats
2 Step - 48'Tall -extra length ladder Model for larger boats

To Install-simply insert the ladder into the mounting Bracket and twist to lock it into place.
To Remote -flip tha ladder up to its storage position in the Mounting Bracket and then twist the Ladder to remote it from the bracket.

Transom Mounts
-Stainless Steel Mount
-Stainless Steel Mount with 2" additional clesrance
-Plastic Block mount with Steel face plate

Platfor Mounts
-6" surface, Stainless Steel Mount for above the platform applications
-8" surface, Stainless Steel Mount for above the platform applications
-Non slotted retrofit mount that installs underneath existing platforms
-Stoled retrofit mount existing aluminium platforms

RIB Boat


Best Design Ladder works for RIBs

"no holes" Ladder Design

Surface Mounted, no holes in pontons
Supports 400 Pounds
Maintains Outward angle, does not push under boat

RIB-Boarding ladders are safely and easily maintains an outward angle, supports mounts on the surface. The marine-grade stainless steel telescopes-ladder and folds down for storage.



Best Design Ladder works for RIBs

"taking off" Ladder Design

Just swing it up to store in the mount for easy and quick storage.

Easy access -unparalleled ease of access while boat is in the water. Swing(Rated to 400 lbs boarding weight) ladder-design prevents damage due to taking off with ladder left down and conveniently locks in the up position.


Boat Ladders

compact Design Ladder series

"taking off" Ladder Design

Telescopic Slide-out, Transom Mount and Slide-out under Platform Ladders

Telescopic Deck Mount Ladder by Armstrong is constructed to flush mount either in a fabricated pocket, or in the same area as the rope locker. This design(mounting) allows you to mount on the stern or on the bow on any horizontal surface. Compact Design and Stainless Steel(316) Construction with Flat Steps with Comfort Angled 3 or 4 Step Models Out or In of the Water Use

Diving Equipment

Garelick is another manufacturer of Quality Dive Equipment such us extremely heavy-duty Comfortable sport / Diver (3, 4 Step. rated to 400 lbs) Ladders (Designed for Easy Boarding for Divers or Swimmers with heavy gear or fins) and Storage brackets.

NV hydraulics Ladders - hydraulics and telescopic equipment for the superyacht industry today

Here you can find the vast choices of marine Ladders manufacturer/products for your boating life including:

  • Boat line of dive and dog Ladders, economy ladders by Dive N Dog, boarding ladders range
  • Windline Ladders - Boat/Boarding Ladders range
  • Boat ladders/systems by Plastimo, comprehensive line of boarding ladders range
  • Boat Pilot Leather Chairs - Seat rotation and Ergonomic design for top comfort
  • A1A Dock Products - Superior Marine Ladders range, - Swing Straight Ladders, Floating Dock & Lift Ladders
  • Aqua performance - Automatic Self Retracting Boat Ladders, boarding ladders range
  • Opacmare - Swimming Platforms and Ladders, Manual and Automatic ladders range of models and styles
  • Ladder Guide - Requirements and tips for proper ladder usage and safety

    Deck Ladders, Varieties & Construction - the old Principle