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The Springfield Marine Company is a member of and subscribes to the recommended standards and practices of the following associations:National Marine Manufacturers Association, American Boat and Yacht Council, Inc. and National Marine Distributors Association.

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Springfield Tables and Accessories

Springfield Marine Since 1968 wehas been producing quality seating products for the boating industry, as Pioneers in this field, we created industry standards such as the Taper-Lock, Spring-Lock and Plug-In series among hundreds hardware parts and accessories and other innovations. Our products are constructed and designed to meet ABYC standards.


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Springfield Table Pedestals

No other manufacturer of parts and accessories provides a wider choice of fixed height, manual adjustable, and gas-powered adjustable units. Springfield Marine Company offers the widest choice of non-removable boat pedestals available in the boating industry.

EZ-Ride Springfield Table Pedestals

EZ-Ride wave dampening pedestals reduce the impact caused by harsh waves. Available in 2-7/8" and 4" Pedestals.

Series KingPin™ Table Pedestals

Springfield Marine's first generation removable pedestal is the KingPin™ Pedestals and is still the most popular boat seating system among freshwater boaters.

Series Taper-Lock™ Table Pedestals

Designed expectedly for fishing boats the Taper-Lock™ has been widely used by many of the top-name fishing boat builders for many years in the industry .

Series Spring-Lock™ Table Pedestals

The Spring-Lock™ Series extends from the post and secures it in the Pedestal base. A push of the button and the latch unlocks the post from the base for easy removal.

Boat Tables

Springfield Marine Tables / tops/


Boat Table

Springfield offering our new light weight injection round molded boat table tops.

The following tables are available in 24" Diameter round, The tops are constructed of injection molded plastic in white. Models in White, For Umbrella, Burlwood Finish and Walnut Finish.

All tables are removable for easy storage to keep your lounging area spacious and free for different activities when not in use.


Boat Table


available in 18"x 30" Diameter


Boat Table


available in 32"x 24"Diameter

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Boat Table Packages

Boat table packages are constructed of quality components and designed to offer the end user with a product that will provide many years of satisfactory service.

The following boat table packages models are available with oval, round, or for rectangular table tops.

Thread-Lock Package - features a surface mount base, locking, thread-lock post and a Black Plastic Locking Mount.

Table for Umbrella's

available in 27" in height.

Models: Round white for Umbrella,Oval For Umbrella, Cap,Plastic with white or black top.

Stowable Models Table Packages /27" in Height./

Models: Stowable Anodized Round and Oval

Uni-Lock Table Packages

available in 27" in height, Value Round or Oval

Table Pedestals

/ For Marine/Boat use/

Great for your boat, RV and deck

Adjustable Boat Table Assemblies

Swing Away Table Pedestal - Polish Stainless Steel "Swing Away" table pedestal and Adjustable post to acquire desired height.

Dual Action Boat Table Pedestal-pedestal to be used in an upward position as a table unit and allows it to offset to a low berth position. Small Pedestal 7 3/4" X 10 3/4" foot print with 5 year limited warranty.

3 Stage Air Pedestal - Pedestal with Overall adjustment in 3 different positions

available in 12 3/4" to 20" to 28" and 14" to 20" to 28"

Thread-Lock Manual Table Pedestal
available from 21.500" to 27.500".

Pedestals Sets For Tables

Stowable Pedestal with:

Base: 7" dia.; 5 3/4" hole pattern and Extends 2` below deck and 3 1/2 dia. hole in deck.

Uni-Lock Stowable Table Pedestal with Base: 7" dia.; 5 3/4" hole pattern, Extends 2` below deck and
3 1/2" dia. hole in deck.

Thread-Lock (Anti-lock) Table Pedestal with lock surface mount low profile base dimensions: 5/8" tall,7" diameter, 5 3/4" bolt pattern

New model 2 Piece Thread-Lock Table Pedestal available in a brushed satin aluminum, and a powder coat with the endurance of an anodized finish.

Stowable 2 7/8" Table Pedestal, Table Mount, Anod Fluted Post and Anod Base

Table Bases

avalible series: Thread-Lock Table Bases
2 3/8", Stowable Table Bases 2 3/8", Uni-Lock Stowable Table Base 2 3/8", Stowable Table Base 2 7/8",Stowable Economy Table Bases 2 3/8", Thread-Lock Table Base Socket Cover and Stowable Table Base Socket Cover

Stowable Table


Stowable Table Post

Stowable Economy Table Post

Stowable Locking Table Post

Thread-Lock Stowable Table Post

Thread-Lock Table Post

Uni-Lock Table Post

Table Post 2 7/8"

ThreadLock Table Post Fluted Bright 27

Stowable Clips

Table Mounts

Stowable Economy Table Mount 2 3/8"

Stowable Table Mount 2 7/8"

Stowable Table Mount 2 3/8"

Uni-Lock Table Mount 2 3/8"