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40 years of experience in Boating Equipment

Overall best quality is part of our culture at Plastimo:

at every stage, our technicians check the manufacturing process, following very strict specifications.

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Boarding Ladders range:

  • Narrow Transom Ladders
  • One-step Boarding Ladder
  • Stainless Steel Pontoon Ladder
  • Wide Skirt and Platform Ladder
  • Wide Vertical Transom Ladder
  • Wide Folding Transom Ladders
  • Wide Folding Ladders with Overrail Hooks
  • Wide Folding Ladders with Arched Rails
  • Aluminum Ladder

Collection of Steps are molded of high-strength polypropylene, with a nonskid surface and are comfortable on bare feet
At least two steps should be immersed for safe boarding.

1 years Ladders warranty

Narrow Transom Ladders

ladders range:

Model Ladder - 30536
- Arched rails
- 2 fixed, 2 folding steps

Model Ladder -30535
- Overrail hooks
- 2 fixed, 2 folding steps

Narrow Transom Ladder

Model Ladder -29398
- Arched rails
- 3 steps

Model Ladder - 29401

- Arched rails
- 1 step

Stainless Steel Pontoon Ladder

- easily Mounts
- Two-step

Wide Skirt and Platform Ladders

Model Ladder - 55964
- Flip down for swimming and up to access the cockpit from the transom
- 1 fixed, 3 folding steps

Wide Vertical Transom Ladders

Model Ladder - 55704
- 3 steps
- Ideal for small boats, fishing boats and powerboats

Wide Folding Transom Ladders

Model Ladder - 35428
- Arched rails
- Adjustable mounting angle
- 3 fixed, 2 folding steps

Wide Folding Boat Ladders

Wide Folding Ladders with Overrail Hooks

Model -Fixed Steps -Folding Steps

55695 2 2 A: 41.5" (1050mm) B: 16.0" (405mm)

55697 2 3 A: 51.2" (1300mm) B: 16.0" (405mm)

55696 3 2 A: 51.2" (1050mm) B: 25.8" (655mm)

55698 3 3 A: 61.0" (1550mm)B: 25.8" (655mm)

Wide Folding Ladders with Arched Rails

Model -Fixed Steps -Folding Steps

55699 1 2 A: 30.1" (785mm) B: 11.8" (300mm)

55700 2 2 A: 32.9" (835mm) B: 14.6" (370mm)

55702 2 3 A: 42.7" (1085mm) B:14.6" (370mm)

55701 3 2 A: 42.7" (1085mm) B:24.4" (620mm)

Aluminum Boarding Ladders

- Nonslip plastic folding overrail hooks
- Plastic steps
- Tube dia. 1" (25mm)
- Distance between steps: 10.0" (255mm)
Model Ladder - 35911

- 2 steps

- 25.6" (65cm) Height

Model Ladder - 35912

- 3 steps

- 36.7" (93cm) Height

Model Ladder - 35913

- 3steps

- 47.0" (121cm) Height

Stainless Steel Folding


- Arched rails
- Nonskid steps
- Includes mounting brackets
- Stainless Steel Ladder
Model Ladder - 29204

- 1 fixed, 2 folding

- 28.4" 10.6"

Model Ladder - 29205

- 2 fixed, 2 folding

- 31.5" 13.8"

Stainless Steel


Boat Ladder

Model Ladder - 29181

- Stainless steel tubing fits over the inflatable boat tubes
- Platform is made of durable, corrosion- and UV-resistant polypropylene nonskid slats
- For rigid inflatables and full-floor inflatable boats 10'-20' (3-6m)
- Attach with 12588 or 12589 (on page 46)

Stainless Steel


Boat Ladder

Plastimo Safety Ladder

Both Plastimo safety ladders have rungs just under 8 inches across spaced slightly less than 12 inches apart. This is a good width for placing both feet and the spacing between rungs should be comfortable for all but the smallest of swimmers to climb aboard.

The four-step Plastimo safety ladder is about 52 inches from the mounting point to the bottom rung when it is deployed the Safety Ladder sells for approximately $60 - $70 . The five-step ladder, is about 64 inches in total length when deployed and sells for around $80.

product review by Tom W.

If you’ve ever had the occasion to view your boat from the perspective of a swimmer, you already realize how hard it can be to get back on the deck of some boats. Even with a swim platform, our last cruiser gave the impression of a slick, white fiberglass wall with a handhold a foot above my head when I was in the water.

In an emergency crew overboard situation, we usually presume that the person in the water is tired, injured or weakened by his or her ordeal and well we should. To find and rescue a crew in rough offshore conditions or in poor visibility, you’ll want all the COB and retrieval gear you can muster. Every offshore boat should be equipped for a crewmember going over the side in these conditions.

Fortunately, we have never had a crew go over the side offshore. But people have slipped in while we in a calm anchorage or at the dock on several occasions. Generally this has been the result of carelessness, although horseplay was once the cause of a friend getting dunked. In all cases, the initial response was surprise, followed by concern, then a burst of merriment—until we discovered that there was no handy way to get the person up that wall of fiberglass and back on deck. We always jury-rigged some way to help the soaking victim aboard, but not without some moments of anxiety.

When I noticed the Plastimo safety ladders, I saw an inexpensive solution to a host of different onboard dilemmas. The ladders are available in a four- and five-step models with the treads held between two uprights made of webbing. Because of their flexibility, the ladder can be rolled up, stowing neatly in a weather-resistant bag. Two straps on the top of the safety-yellow bag are formed by the webbing ladder uprights, providing a strong method of attaching the rig to any boat, the stern rail would be an ideal spot.

The bottom of the stowage bag has a Velcro closure with a long loop for a handle. A person in the water can reach up and tug on the handle, spilling the ladder down into the water. Thus, the way Plastimo arranged the handle, the ladder can be deployed both from the deck and from the water, very nifty.

While it is designed primarily as a safety ladder, I see possibilities on many smaller boats for use as the main boarding ladder. Since they are fairly lightweight and compact, almost any boat can carry one of the Plastimo safety ladders. Even on larger vessels where the main boarding ladder is typically stowed in a locker or lashed on deck, the Plastimo ladders would serve nicely for an impromptu swim or a quick trip down to the tender.

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