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Marine Toilets - World-renowned water heater specially designed for the marine environment. Raritan Products sector include Electric and Manual marine toilets, waste treatment systems, icemakers and water heaters.

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Raritan - Electric and Manual Toilets

Committed to the environment and preserving sea life, Raritan designs products to help maintain an environmental balance and ensure the best quality of marine waters.

Marine Toilets

Electric Toilets

Atlantes Freedom

Powerful bronze cutting blades designed to "shred" most objects.

Now available in two bowl sizes: standard household and elongated.

Toilet Options:

- A7F, A8F and A9F models are for use with pressurized water and provide whisper flush operation.
- A7, A8 and A9 models are self-contained allowing quick and easy installation.
- A7R, A8R and A9R models provide quieter operation and more flexible installation when long intake runs are necessary.
- Full-size household bowl available in white, bone and black or elongated bowl available in white and bisque.
- Available for 12, 24, 32V DC or 120/240V AC.


The finest, quietest electric macerating marine toilet now available at a lower cost and with reduced components — The Atlantes A4 model. The A4 is flushed with a manually operated wall mounted flush control. The basic A4 model does not have an intake water supply — kits are available from Raritan or supply your own.

Toilet Options:

- Requires intake flush kit.
- Available in white or bone
- Available for 12, 24, 32V DC or 120/240V AC.

Crown Head

Sleek appearance, quiet operation in a mid-priced electric macerating toilet.

Toilet Options:

- Available in on-board pressurized freshwater and raw water models
- Available for 12, 24, 32V DC or 120/240V AC
- Choice of full-size household-style bowl or marine-size bowl
- Available in white or almond

Electric Toilets | Atlantes® |Atlantes® A4 |Crown Head™
Crown HeadTM II | Sea Era | Sea Era Conversion Kit
Manual Toilets | Compact IITM | PHII and PHEII

Marine Elegance

"Simply stated, Raritan wanted to design a toilet that looked better, worked better, was easier to clean and maintain, and easier to install.

In addition we wanted to “create vacuum in the bowl” rather than outside the bowl with large components that take up lots of room. We have improved performance in virtually every category over competitive products on the market today at a lower price point."

Toilet Options:

- variety of controls available
- Available in white or bone
- Available for 12 or 24V DC

Sea Era

Economical, high performance electric macerating toilet with design features not found in competing units. The best choice when it is time to change.

Toilet Options:

- Available in raw water or on-board pressurized freshwater models.
- Bowl easily rotated to fit the footprint of manual toilets with side pumps.
- Operates on 12, 24, 32V DC or 120/240V AC.

Sea Era Conversion Kit

An inexpensive way to replace your electric or manual toilet. Save the toilet bowl and seat and replace the lower base.

Toilet Options:

- Available in raw water with integral or remote intake pump or on-board pressurized freshwater lower base models.
- Operates on 12, 24, 32V DC or 120/240V AC.

Crown Head

Classic, proven design; mid-priced electric macerating toilet preferred by boaters since 1965. Reliable, high quality toilet uses sea or lake water.

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Manual Toilets

Compact II

Raritan's most economical toilet. Great value in a low-priced manual toilet.

- Fits in small spaces ideal for small sailboats and powerboats
- Conserves water boaters can switch to dry pump option
- Powerful flushing action


Mid-priced, high quality, non-macerating manual or electric toilet. Reliable, high-quality design uses sea or lake water.

Toilet Options:

- Electric models available for 12, 24, 32V DC or 120/240V AC.
- Choice of full-size household-style or marine-size white porcelain bowl.
- Can be mounted for pumping on either left or right side.


Highest quality, non-macerating manual toilet. All the Benefits of a PHII at a lower price!

Toilet Options:

- Choice of full-size household-style or marine-size white porcelain bowl.
- Can be mounted for pumping on either left or right side.
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Raritan Marine SeaEra Toilets


When on the water, boaters demand high-caliber products that provide the conveniences of home. Offering uncompromising quality, the SeaEra electric macerating toilet from Raritan is simple to install and compact.

The well-constructed toilet features flexible installation for mounting above or below the waterline. The bowl rotates 90º for mounting in confined spaces or for retrofit applications. Although installation and instructions are simple, Raritan has an excellent technical support team to assist in the process.

Easy to clean and maintain, the SeaEra can be used with onboard treatment systems and holding tanks. Optional discharge fittings are available. A straight discharge fitting will connect to a 1-1/2" or a 1" discharge hose. A 90° discharge fitting can be rotated and fits a 1-1/2" hose. The self-priming diaphragm inlet pump, which can run dry without damaging the pump, can lift water from 4' below the toilet.

a variety of SeaEra Toilets

Raritan offers a variety of SeaEra models (on photo) to suit any need, including the Integral model with sea water intake pump, the Remote model with sea water intake pump or the onboard pressurized Freshwater model for ultra-quiet operation. Boaters have a choice of either a marine size bowl or household style bowl and a straight discharge fitting or a 90° fitting.

Raritan Marine Saltwater models include an in-line strainer, while freshwater models include a vacuum breaker to protect the potable water supply. All models include a heavy-duty push button switch, eliminating the need for a continuous duty solenoid.

Dedicated to the preservation of sea life, Raritan Marine Products

produces a wide line of environmentally sound products, including marine toilets, waste treatment systems, icemakers and water heaters. The company is ISO 9001-certified, proving the exceptional quality of its products.

Raritan ensures that the SeaEra is of the highest quality by assembling and testing each toilet by hand. The company backs its products with a 1-year limited warranty.

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SeaLand Electric toilet in standard height, (12 and 24 volts version) - MasterFlush 8156

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PortableToilets Series

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Portable Marine Toilets

Porta Potti 135 Portable (Marine Toilets)

Exclusive no-splash pour spout and Removable toilet seat and toilet cover for most easy cleaning.
Hold down kit secures toilet to deck and Sealed valve keeps odor in holding tank...more >>


Fresh Water: 2.6 gal: 10L

Waste Tank: 2.6 gal: 10L

Porta Potti - Portable Toilets


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