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Scandvik 2009 Catalog

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new 2010 Scandvik Sinks

304 Stainless Steel Sink, Mirror Finish Sink

This new size, sink is now in stock. Our cylindrical sinks are available in various sizes from 12' to 18" in diameter.
Note: This sink is NOT equipped with a fastening system.
Diameter: 15-1/4" Depth: 7"
Flange: Profle A 5/8" Shipping Weight: 8 lbs

304 Stainless Steel Sink, Satin Finish

A new addition to our line of satin fnish sinks. And a great value for an undercounter installation. Use our sink drains for 2-7/16" drain hole openings.
Overall Length: 15-3/4"
Overall Width: 12-3/4"
Depth: 8"
Flange: 3/4", Profle C Under counter mount only
Shipping Weight: 7 lbs.

304 Stainless Steel Sinks - Brushed Finish

A new design created to replicate the "hard edge" welded sinks without the welds. This
specially pressed 304 SS sink does just that. Use our part #10333 drain.
Overall Length: 17-1/4"
Overall Width: 15"
Depth: 7-1/2"
Flange: Profle C 3/4", Under counter mount only

This is a new size and shape for a galley sink. And a great value for an undercounter
installation. Drain stopper is attached to the back side of the sink. Use our sink drains
for 2-7/16" drain hole openings. A great solution for those who do not want a double
Overall Length: 21-9/16"
Overall Width: 14-1/8"
Depth: 8"
Flange: 1/2", Profle C Under counter mount only
Shipping Weight: 70 lbs. (Due to size)
Note: This sink is not equipped with a fastening system.

Plastimo Boat Sinks- Custom , Plastic and Stainless Steel Sinks suitable for boat or yacht practice use

How to make an outboard bracket, boarding step, Boat kitchen-type board or Sinks.

Building With StarBoard®

In just a few hours, you can make accessories out of maintenance-free King StarBoard, a strong and durable UV-stabilized polymer. This material is easily cut, routed, shaped and drilled with standard woodworking tools.

Available in many colors that match most gelcoats, it requires no painting. Following are instructions for making an outboard bracket, chopping board, tool rack, pulpit seat and boarding step.

A proper chopping board is an item few boats have but an essential tool for preparing meals onboard. On smaller boats with limited counter space a kitchen-type board is impractical and, besides, there's probably no place to stow one when underway.

Make it of 6mm (1/4") StarBoard to any size that fits. Cut and drill holes for knives and other tools, perhaps some tapered holes for holding beverages, and for drainage. Drill and countersink for 6mm (1/4") screw fasteners. Dry fit the board, overlapping the deck so the tools, etc. hang freely away from the deck edge, mark screw placement and drill the deck. Attach your chopping board using 3M 5200 or equivalent sealant around fastening holes to ensure a watertight fit.

A sink-mounted chopping board is self-stowing, increases your work space and doubles as a trivet for hot pots or pans. You could laminate a board from narrow strips of oak or maple, but making one of StarBoard saves fabrication time, it won't warp, crack or mildew and it's readily disinfected with a water-and-bleach or -vinegar solution.

For sinks that are recessed, make your board to fit the cutout, less a gap of 3mm (1/8") or so for a loose fit. Ideally, the board should be the same thickness as the cutout so it sits flush with the countertop. If the sink is mounted over the countertop, use 2.54cm (1") thick StarBoard and add an extra 2.54cm (1") or as needed on all sides so the board overlaps the sink flange. To prevent the board from sliding around, you'll need to recess the board. Make a template of the inside shape of the sink, center the pattern on the wrong side of your board and mark a line around the edge. Router a 12mm (1/2") rabbet around the outside edge of the board to your scribed line. Cut a finger hole in the board or make a larger opening that doubles as a drain. To finish, round all edges and lightly sand smooth with 120-grit paper. StarBoard floats, so when not needed in the galley, it makes a perfect floater board for the kids when swimming.

Many galleys are too small for a counter-mount serving tray and locker storage is scarce for one of any useful size. On boats with high cabin sides, consider a hanging tray. Fashioned of two pieces of 6mm (1/4") StarBoard, the tray hangs from brackets glued to the cabin sides. Cut two pieces in a rectangular shape to the desired dimensions. In one piece, make two identical cutouts, about 7.6 (3") wide by 12.7cm (5") long, using a jigsaw. (Tip: To cut perfect corners, drill 8mm (5/16") pilot holes in the four corners of the cutout, then insert the saw blade and cut a straight line.) This becomes the bottom. Screw together the two pieces putting a 19mm (3/4") spacer, about 25mm (1") wide, along the length of each edge. Finish the ends with handrails and the sides with fiddles (see photos for details) cut from 19mm (3/4") StarBoard. Round the finished edges with a router.

To make the hanging brackets, cut two blocks from 25mm (1") StarBoard stock, just slightly smaller than the cutouts in the tray back. Make a 8mm (5/16") deep notch, extending about one-third of the length down from the top on the inside. Nicely round the top edge and attach to the cabin sides with 3M 5200 and screws.