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Scandvik Marine - more than 20 years of excellence, Scandvik providing qiality marine hardware to owners and boat manufacturer of Faucets and Showers Families dewsign and systems, Mirror,Double Brushed Boat stainless steel Sinks and Toilets, Hose Clamps, Hatches and Portlights LED Eterior and Interior marine Lights and Manual or Chair Pedestals and Electric Table Pedestals for Boat Tables(Boat Weatherproof and marinized Tables for Sale from different manufacturers) for commercial markets or pleasure.

Scandvik Pedestals - Easy to use, Uncompromised modern styling Electric or Manual


Scandvik Boat Table Pedestals

Flush Boat Table Pedestals

Two stage Electric (12 Volt) - telescopic Pedestal

This Table Pedestal for Boat Tables (With a slight recessed design) allows the pedestal top to be lowered
to deck: 1-3/16 wit max loading 220 lb. Constructed of Marine grade anodized(dipped) aluminum with floor base: 9-7/8" and Top Dimensions: 15-3/4 x 9-7/8.

Deck Space : 7 Diameter x 20-1/2 Deep

2 stage telescopic Electric (12 Volt) Boat Table Pedestal

Cross top Pedestal with periscope(an adjustable) base and a lower main height tube.
In any pedestal position a given reduction in the projection will add to both the min and max heights(22-3/4" 30-1/4").

Max Space Requirement: 4 Diameter x 8-5/8 Deep

Swivel Top Table Pedestals

This Models(Marine grade anodized aluminum) Telescopic-Electric(12, 24V-available by special request) boat table Pedestal has an adjustable base(periscope) and a swiveling(360) top. Lower height version(maximum Height range 21-5/8 - 21-11/16) with adjustable floor projection 14-3/4" - 13-/16".

Max Space Requirement: 4 Diameter x 14-3/4 Deep

Electric Boat Table Pedestals for Deck Mount

Single or tandem New Series SS Pedestal. Available in 12 volt or 24(special order)volt.

Two stage Electric Table Pedestals

Lower minimum height (Marine aluminum) Pdestals with larger diameter tubes ( telescoping) and almost 6 more diameter in the mounting base and Maximum capacity is 220 lbs.