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At long last, there's a STIDD seat for every pleasure boat, sport fish, trawler and super yacht... workboat, commercial vessel and military craft in the nautical world.

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STIDD Systems, Inc.

STIDD Systems proudly presents a complete line of ergonomic marine seating for the twenty-first century and beyond. Armed with the latest human factors databases, STIDD Systems has evolved as the industry benchmark for quality, comfort, strength and value with unique and innovative features made possible by advanced design, proprietary engineering, and state of the art manufacturing methods.

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It's All In A STIDD

STIDD motorized Power Swivel

Brand names have always played a key role in helping consumers identify the best products, companies and services. In the marine industry, skippers and owners of luxury yachts, commercial vessels and military craft know STIDD Systems as the trusted name in top-end, ergonomic marine seating.

Although STIDD products have become synonymous with luxury and comfort, they are technically sophisticated.

Take the new STIDD motorized Power Swivel Helm Chairs: models:500W Wide Helm Chair, 1200 Double Helm Chair and 1200W Wide Double Helm Chair.

It adjusts the seat's rotation angle to meet the individual needs of the occupant, all at the touch of a fingertip.

Shock-Mitigating and Military Seats

The STIDD Shock Mitigating Seats help protect the person behind the wheel from dangerous impacts during long, fast transits in the higher sea states. And then there's our legendary worldwide customer support, which keeps our customers happy. Mariners associate the STIDD Company name with positive value, service and technical innovations such as these.

"STIDD's rep in the Pacific Northwest, echoed Gezari's comments. "I handle a lot of big-name marine items like Kahlenberg, Sea Recovery, Headhunter, Carlisle & Finch and others. These products literally sell themselves based on name recognition alone. STIDD is another fine example of a brand name that everyone knows, buys and respects." by Keith M.

he STIDD Series 500 - Chock Absorbing STIDD Pedestal


To tackling rough seas may test a helmsman's skills, but it doesn't need to be an uncomfortable experience. Based on technology developed for the US Navy, the STIDD Series 500 Version 5 Shock Absorber Pedestal from STIDD Systems reduces the slam loads encountered during high speed in sea.

Installed on any Series 500 Admiral helm seat, the new Versionpedestal is fully-adjustable for load and dampening speed. It uses ABSORB , Active Boat Shock Reduction Bolster technology to provide comfort and safety for the occupant, and is tested and built to MIL specifications. To control compression and rebound dampening, the pedestal employs electric power-assisted circuitry for controlling the shock absorber spring-constant from the seat. A rocker switch mounted on the left side of the seat adjusts the pre-load electrically. For heavier seat occupants, pressing the upper end of the switch increases the spring load. Pressing the lower end of the rocker decreases the load for lighter occupants. All seat occupants enjoy a full of shock absorbing travel, regardless of body weight.

With eight positions available, the knob can be turned fully counter-clockwise to give the fastest recovery to full stroke between impacts. Turning the adjustment clockwise will slow response times. Rated for occupants weighing 160 to 275 pounds, the large 5"-diameter pedestal provides strength and stability.


Marine seat manufacturer STIDD Systems knows that a few simple accessories can add to the pleasure of owning a comfortable and luxurious marine seat. A chart pocket, a fitted protective cover and a cup holder that doubles as an accessory tray are just a few options that will complement Stidd's top-of-the-line seats.

STIDD Cup Holder

The Model 510-199 (on photo) Cup Holder fits on either side of a Stidd 500 seat, and provides convenient stowage of necessities like a drink can or a pair of sunglasses. The holder fits directly beneath either armrest, and can be ordered with a new STIDD seat or retrofitted to an existing installation. It is available in matching powdercoat finish to complement the seat's color.

Chart Pocket

A handy storage solution for charts, maps, surf the internet, notebooks and reading material is the Model 510-121 Chart Pocket. Constructed with a durable ABS plastic backing that contours to the back of the seat, the pocket is upholstered in matching fabric to complement any new or existing STIDD low back seat.
Although STIDD seats are at home in the harsh marine environment, a Model will keep the seat clean when not in use.


To complement its recently updated website, , marine seat manufacturer STIDD Systems has just introduced its new, 24-page, full-color Catalog - to see visit

With photographs of various installations aboard luxury yachts, pleasure craft and military vessels, Catalog contains details and ordering information for the company's entire line of ergonomic marine seating. The catalog is available online for viewing, or a printed copy may be requested.

In addition to describing each model in detail, New Catalog contains specific background information on the choice of seat coverings, mounting solutions and standard features. The new publication includes a useful guide for ordering the correct model, seat back, finish, upholstery, adjustment range, available options and the method of shipping. A color chart is even included for selecting the desired shade of upholstery.


STIDD Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 87
Greenport, NY 11944
[email protected]

For customer service inquires:
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Phn: 631-477-2400 x 120
Fax: 631-477-1095



This has clearly been the case on Stidd, which is immaculate in every sense of seating comfort and style. With Stidd Systems seats the interior style is a fascinating compound There is also an impressive amount of detailing, with rounded angles. The overall result is an interior that manages to be both modest, and stylish, the very essence of the Stidd Seats and chairs.

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Standard Series Seats

STIDD All-purpose "Admiral" helm seats. Legendary for ergonomic design, comfort strength and quality.
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Slimline Series Seats

5" slimmer than our Standard Series, "Slimline Admiral" seats offer all STIDD quality and creature comforts in a smaller package.
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Shock Mitigating

Military Shock-absorber technology for commercial and recreational users.
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Wide & Double Seats

Double Helm Boat Seats

STIDD ergonomic marine seating Company provides for boat owners 3 versions comfortable Double Helm seats: 36" wide 500W, the most comfortable 45" wide 1200 Series helm seating and the widest 54" wide 1200W Seat. Each of them is designed from corrosion-proof materials to be lightweight and strong, for particularly sensitive boat owners.

Stidd 500W Seat

This is one of the best and Most Popular seat. At 36" wide the 500W Seat is a full 8 inches wider than standard Series 500 models and 13 inches wider than seats Slim(normal) versions helm seats. This single pedestal unit is available in or deluxe polished chrome finishes or tough baked on powder coat with your choice of seat upholstery piping, power, chrome, for the fly bridge or helm. The effect is to create some extra room seating and area that offers a great deal of flexibility, offers boat owners flexibility to suit the tastes of non-sun and sun worshipers alike.

Stidd 1200 Double Helm Seat

Designed with focus on the comfort, Double 1200 Series Provides dual 45" wide seating at helm Available in both: deluxe chrome finishes or powder coat in add with Medium and Tall Pedestal. This Series boat bench saving space and can fit where two individual boat seats can’t install.

For side-bsiy-de seating, STIDD "Double Settees" are the most accommodating marine seats you can buy.
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Stidd 1200W Wide Double Seat

Specialy designed for these who want really a special extra space. A Stridd the most widely helm seat It's 54" wide Low Back Double Seat with center armrest (removable).

STIDD seat mounting series

This new series provide additional solutions for boat builders and stid's customers. All you need for fixed height boat seat applications and comfort where boat seats are installed a top fiberglass boxes or storage.

Version 510-1100S

Surface mounts allow aft/fore and swivel with a fixed 9.75 Inch seat height.

Version 570-1-350

Direct couple adapter provides a fixed seat height of 6 inches with no fore/aft or swivel. The direct couple Stidd adapter 5701-350 direct couple adapter provides a static 6" fixed seat height for Company Series "500". Comes finished in matching powdercoat.

Stidd Hi-low Pedestals

For layouts requiring extreme ranges of table or seat height adjustment, Deck or Box storage Penetrating pedestals offer the perfect solution. Available in manual or power, for all models, in powdercoat or deluxe chrome finishes.

510-1100-9.75 - 17.75

The Stidd Deck Penetrating Pedestal provides an 8" telescoping seat height range of 9.75" to 17.75" with 14.6" bury. Available for all models. 9" with pedestal base.

Version FA seats

Engineered for for small to mid-sized boats Stidd FA Stidd seats provide a non-swiveling 7-inch fixed boat seat height with 7" of fore/aft mechanism. Consult factory for other popular fixed height surface-mount style pedestals. To allow seat positioning closer to the cabinet pedestal of FA is squared off. These seats are adjusted by releasing the paddle at the front edge of the seat. The amount of travel is limited to
the amount of room available inside the box or below the deck

Currently, available for 500N, 500, 500W and 1200 no swivel models. Stidd flush and Surface mounts mounts are available for every single or double version STIDD seats.

Twin Stidd Seats directly opposite the galley on a rise and designed to have everything within easy reach.The Stidd seats are also a great place for a quick nap.