Solimar Marine Equipment, Hardware and Parts

Beside the standard marine production, we design for nautical shipyards, planning offices and boat owners a wide range of custom items to satisfy the increasing requirements of personalized fittings for racing,powerboat and sailing yachts.

In the construction of all our products and parts , just as for the steering systems, our strength relies in our versatility and flexibility.


Solimar MarineProduction

Boat Hardware, Deck & Interior Hardware

Interior Hardware

  • Steering systems
  • Bearings and ruddershafts
  • Wheels
  • fittings
  • Accessories

Steering systems

Solimar produces 4 different types of mechanical steering systems (pedestals or bulkheads) suitable for sailing and cruising boats from 8 up to 40 meters and over :

-Serie 604 Steering system with wire/chain transmission and wire with push-pull conduit
-Serie 606 Steering system with textile rope transmission
-Serie 607 Steering system with rack and pinion transmission
-Serie 650 Steering system with reduction gearbox and universal joints transmission

All the systems can be fitted on a large range of pedestal models (built in light alloy, fibreglass or carbon fibre).

Bearings and ruddershafts

Solimar manufactures many types of standard and self aligning rudder bearings. All the components are made with raw materials of top quality: stainless steel A304, aluminium 3571, torlon, peek, ertalyte. All our bearings are available in the versions for the deck and for the hull of the boat.

We will advise you the most effective system for the watertight of the lower bearings. Besides the high-tech rudder bearings, Solimar is still producing the old and classic lower bushings made of bronze, brass or stainless steel with stuffing box for the watertight. Moreover, we manufacture many types of stainless steel, titanium, aluminium rudder shafts. On request, Solimar can supply also rudder shafts complete of blade.

flush deck hatches

Solimar produces flush deck hatches made with glass “E” or with carbon fibre. These flush deck hatches are light and they haven’t any problem of corrosion. After the lamination, the hatch will be flush deck to the deck of the boat. We manufacture more then 30 standard hatches, rectangular, square or trapezoidal shape. The hinges are made of stainless steel while all the other fittings are available both in aluminium and in stainless steel. All the hatches are available in four versions, two with “glass” (perspex- standard colour grey - Italy) and two without “glass”:

-VA type with “glass”, preset for deck with teak.
-VB type with “glass”, preset for painted deck.
-T type without “glass”, preset for deck with teak.
-TVB type without “glass”, preset for painted deck.


Solimar manufactures a large range of steering wheels made of stainless steel A 304, titanium, aluminium, stainless steel and wood, carbon fibre, carbon fibre and wood, available in many versions: flat with standard, staggered, double and crossed spokes or “dish”, normal (ND), extra (ED) and super (SD) “dish”. All the steering wheel models are available with wooden rim, massive or lamellar mono-coloured or bi-coloured (on demand wooden connection on the spokes). All the steering wheels can be covered with leather or microfibre “lorica” on the rim (on demand partially also on the spokes) see covering page (under construction).


SOLIMAR producing fittings for traditional yachts and boats over twenty years ago. Blocks and accessories in ash wood and alumium bronze for traditional yachts and in tufnol, bronze and stainless steel for classical boats.


Solimar produces also many accessories for sailing boats.

Portlights - SOLIMAR made fibreglass portlights with(to be) laminated structure

for no corrosion problems, 3 sizes are available also custom sizes include glass size. Handles and Hinges are made of black hardkote anodization aluminium or stainless steel for best style and more brightness on the internal side.