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Spinlock Deckware Series is an innovative range of Lifejacket harnesses. Identifying that there had been little product development for over thirty years, Spinlock designed a range of harness and lifejackets designed to ergonomically fit the body and its movements whilst sailing.


Boat Hardware, Deck & Interior Hardware

Interior Hardware

Boat Hardware, Deck & Interior Hardware

Deck Hardware

Spinlock Production

Spinlock is an independent innovative company and has over thirty years experience in designing and manufacturing rope holding products for boats as small as dinghies and as large as Superyachts.

Products by Spinlock :

  • deckware include :

    Safety Line Range

    Impact Range

    Mast Pro Harness

    Deckpro Harness

    S Cutter

    Impact Protection Wrist Guard

    Deckware Accessories

  • cleats - high performance development of the successful PX range, optimised for performance rope ranges 2-6mm and 8-10mm.
  • clutches - Spinlock clutches are designed to hold the loads of lines led back to a winch which can then be released easily under load.
  • jammers - are for larger diameters and high loads where using the winch for release is a positive safety feature.
  • organisers - Organisers are custom made to suit individual deck layouts and divert lines from a mixed bank of clutches and jammers to the winch, with loads upto 2000kg (4400lbs) per sheave.
  • hardware - Designed to allow the throttle handle to be removed, reducing the risk of snags. The socket can be located in the optimal cockpit position, making this the preferred throttle solution on raceboats.
  • tiller extensions - Designed for the hardest conditions, Spinlock tiller extensions reduce the strain and increase the sheer enjoyment of helming a boat.
  • accessories - Spares and Accessories for the complete Spinlock range