Springfield Marine Hardware Boat Seats and Accessories

Springfield Marine has been producing top quality hardware, seating products for the marine industry. Pioneers in this field, Springfield Marine created industry standards such as the Spring-Lock, Taper-Lock and Plug-In series among hundreds of other innovations.


Boat Hardware, Deck & Interior Hardware

Interior Hardware

Boat Hardware, Deck & Interior Hardware

Deck Hardware

Southern Crown Production

  • Boat Accessories - Boat Accessories, Service Parts,
    Trailer Accessories, Chair Cushions
  • Removable Pedestals - Clip-Lock, KingPin Removable Series
    Locking Spring-Lock Series, Plug-In Removable Series
    Clip-Lock Locking, Spring-Lock Removable Series
    Taper-Lock Series, Thread-Lock Series
    Extreme Series
  • Chairs - Armrests, Back Supports, Chair Cushions ,Chair Packages
    Hinges, Injection Molded Chairs, Rotational Molded Chairs
    Upholstered Chairs
  • Non-Removable Pedestals - Fixed Height, Fixed Height Sets
    Manual Adjustable, Gas Powered Adjustable, Stainless Steel Pedestals
  • Slides and Swivels - Elite Slides and Swivels,
    Camlock Series Slides, Trac-Lock III Series
    Tru-Lock 1000, Prestige, Other Slides/Swivels
  • Table Pedestals - Adjustable Table Assemblies,
    Table Pedestal Sets, Table Bases, Table Post, Table Mounts
  • Tables - Tables, Table Packages