Thai Teak Marine

Thai Teak is acknowledged throughout the world as the ideal wood for marine use.

All Thai Teak Marine products are crafted from this superior teakwood - tectona grandis - the premier wood for marine use.


Boat Hardware, Deck & Interior Hardware

Boat Interior Hardware

Thai Teak Marine Production

  • Good Old Boat Parts (custom)
  • Solid Tongue & Groove Flooring
  • Mosaic Parquet Flooring
  • Brass Items
  • Teak Deck Tiles

Many of our teakwood marine products, teak furniture and yacht fittings come in kit form... an economy for the boat owner. But more important is the real pleasure he or she will have putting the kits together.

And assembly instructions, brass screws, and teak plugs are provided as necessary.

Teak alternative for boat owners

Less than five years ago, Permateek Company managing director Vince Coda was extruding synthetic decking in a shed at the bottom of his garden. Today he's got a huge facility near Bournemouth that builds an entire range of products. They're UV-stable, frighteningly lifelike and come with a 5 year products guarantee, which has been invoked just once when someone dropped acetone on their deck.

The latest product, launched at the show, has subtle colour variations to mimic teak even more closely. It's not a "DIY solution" but if you're looking for fit-and-forget, hard-wearing, pressure-washable decking that looks the part, you should talk to Vince. To create a vision of your chosen deck, select from the caulking colour and colour options.