Weckworth-Langdon - Covers

We produce covers for the inlets, exhaust, and thrust reversers on jet engines for military and commercial aircraft.

We make oil rig shelters, used to protect equipment/people from the elements on oil drilling rigs, and fire shelters for wildland firefighters.


Boat Tops & Covers

Covers & Accessories

Weckworth-Langdon Production

  • Special-events shelters... festive, colorful, and strong. Tents of all kinds... in applications from weekend recreation to military exercise.
  • Jet-engine covers and plugs for military and commercial applications, custom-fitted and built for extended use.
  • Gore assemblies functioning as movable fabric doors on portable hangars used by the Air Force in covert operations.
  • Bags and covers and packages, customized, for virtually any application imaginable.
  • Oil-rig shelters, oil-patch tough... with roughneck-strong fabric, steel framework, and heavy-duty strap-and-buckle construction.
  • Recreational products from inflatables to tumbling mats.