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Whale Water Systems provide full solutions to marine water system/systems management. Innovative design is combined with the latest in manufacturing and building technology to enable us to offer tailor-made products for boaters. Whale currently supply major boat builders across the globe.

Whale marine products can be combined as a total water management system. Key product areas include: manual and electric pumps for bilge, fresh and waste water, Quick Connect Plumbing, faucets and showers and accessories. Whale have developed diaphragm pump technology over the last 40 years to manufacture the marine world's best known manual bilge pumps.

Whale electric products and pumps, including the Universal freshwater electric pressure pumps, are designed to retrofit any existing pump location with flexible feet that absorb vibration and reduce noise.The Whale Gulpers for toilet and shower waste both boast a unique, virtually unblockable valve design and multi-directional head means that they can be mounted almost anywhere.

This wide range of products, combined with spare parts available throughout the world, make Whale the marine world's only total marine water system manufacturers.

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Manual Bilge Pumps by Plastimo

Two Plastimo Bilge Pumps

Plastimo model 39539(on photo above) has 1” inlet and outlet fittings and is capable of moving about 10 gallons of water a minute at 45 strokes. It typically sells for about $85, which is extremely competitive in this market. For larger boats, model 39541 uses the same pump body but is equipped with a 1-1/2 inch inlet and outlet, allowing it to move nearly 12 gallons of water per minute at 45 strokes.

Both of the Plastimo Bilge Pumps, models weigh in as featherweights at just over 2 pounds and measure about 13 inches high (including the top of the handle, 0.9L capacity), slightly less than 7 inches wide and protrude into the cockpit only 1-3/4 inches. Both models are removes easily for maintenance.

The cutout for both pump bodies is a 5-1/2 inch circle and the back of the pump, including the hose elbows, protrude into the inside of the vessel about 13 inches from the outside surface.


Since the installation cutout is round, the proper hole can be cut with a hole saw instead of shaping a special pattern. The Company Plastimo made their new manual pump inlets and outlets in the form of elbows that swivel through 360 degrees and no matter where the plumbing leads from the back of the unit, it is possible to get a fair lead without kinking the hoses.

The whole pump installs ease from the front, meaning that crawling inside cockpit lockers or having double-jointed elbows are things of the past.


The Plastimo Manual Pumps

The Plastimo marine engineering is quite impressive. Of course, the pumps are made of UV and shock resistant materials that will withstand salt water and the rigors of the marine environment.

As a general boating rule, manual diaphragm pumps are among the most reliable things on the boat. They occasionally need a new diaphragm or flapper valve , but even those jobs only take a few moments on most models.

Plastimo offers modern design about the bilge pumps is the fact that the handle is actually a part of the pump cover. In the past models , many boaters spend a few hours installing a flush cockpit pump and another several hours figuring out where to stow the handle of pump and finding clips to fit it. In fact these pumps have been designed in cooperation with boatowners, pumps aren’t outstanding because the thought or technology is novel it is the engineering and execution. With the Plastimo Manual pumps, the handle is always in place on the pump ready for instant action.

Plastimo’s manual pumps for installation at the helm probably won’t catch a lot of mice but they fill all the requisites of a great product for your boat. The pumps have a neat, trim appearance and unlike other boat pumps, there is nothing to snag at pants cuffs or render flesh.

Manual Bilge Pumps value: One of their value is that the helmsman can operate the pump without leaving his post. Another Part of Manual Pumps value is that they will operate even if the whole electrical system goes down.