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 Radar be a better solution as AIS only alerts you to other ships/boats with the same technology

AIS and Radar

AIS and Radar Onboard - Upgrading Electronics Aboard small sailboat

Two main different systems, each with its advantages.

AIS is a great tool. The risk to your life and limb is far greater driving to the Marina (especially in Miami) than sailing from the Marina.

Radar be a better solution as AIS only alerts you to other ships/boats with the same technology...Would radar with guard zone on be more effective....Both AIS and Radar can be very helpful but neither are comprehensive. There isn't a "better" solution. It just depends on what your preferences is and what you can afford. The trouble with using Radar with guard set up is power consumption. Not a big deal on a power boat, but for sail boats, running on battery power, Radar "watchstanding" isn't an option.

...about Cargo containers

- Cargo containers (as opposed to cargo ships) do not carry AIS. They are just big metal boxes.

- If you are referring to container ships, the installation and use of AIS by cruisers is a very recent phenomenon. I have seen no empirical evidence which suggest that "many cruisers would have been rammed...". If you have any references I would love to link to them as I am a big fan of AIS and even sell the units.

- If you listen (and believe) all the cruising stories you hear in the bar you and your husband will never cruise.

- Lemons will rot is the ditch bag and damage the VHF (which IS a useful item).

Those large ships come fast in the night,like 4 times as fast as little sailboat, and if you don't have AIS, you might not be able to hail them fast enough (without knowing their name, you'd have to guess a position and hail "the ship in position xyz" and hope they get it and respond.

You could change your course, but if you are around a heavy shipping port, and multiple vessels are approaching in various positions quickly, it sometimes helps to have the option of asking them to change course.