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Think about the Ocean-safe products

Before you provision for your vessel or boat, think about the products you are going to buy. Most boat-cleaning products like shampoos, soaps, detergents, etc.end up in the sea water. Purchasing less harmful cleaning products helps conserve the Beautiful sea environment for future generations.

Ocean-safe products ...

Are non-toxic and biodegradable, especially toilet paper and cleaning agents.

Are made of natural ingredients rather than synthetic. Use primary ingredients that a ten year old could pronounce or spell.

Won't say "harmful or fatal if swallowed. They are even more harmful for sea life. Are produced without animal testing. Are sold in recyclable containers.

List all their ingredients. Be wary of those that do not. Are from Brands and Companies that practice eco-friendliness.

Alternative Boat Cleaning Agents

Instead of bleach, use Borax or hydrogen peroxide.

Instead of scouring powders for fiberglass, tile or showers, try baking soda, a scrub pad and a little elbow grease.

For windows and glass, try vinegar and lemon juice mixed with warm water.

To clean chrome, use apple cider vinegar to clean and baby oil to polish.

An eco-friendly copper cleaner is lemon or limejuice mixed with salt.

Olive or almond oil make an effective, safe wood polish.

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The pumpouts in your boating area

But what if your area doesnt have any reliable pumpout stations. What are your alternatives?

So many boaters have this problem. It seems that our collective governments, federal, state and local, can pass the laws and find monies for enforcement, but cant seem to find the time and energy to provide decent facilities.

Many boaters have the common decency to try to comply with the spirit of the no discharge laws. After all, protecting our waters from pollution should be a common cause among boaters. Who wants to swim or eat fish from waters degraded by human waste? So we applaud your desire to find solutions to the lack of pumpout facilities in your area.

The long-term solution is for you to bring pressure on your local authorities to provide good, working pumpouts in your boating area. Funding is available but boaters often are a low priority unless they become a very irritating squeaky wheel. Organizing a political action committee in your area to make the issue a priority for your elected officials could the answer given enough time. Involve as many local boating organizations, such as the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Power Squadron, local yacht and boating clubs, fishing, hunting and environmental groups as possible for the greatest political clout.

In the meantime, you need more practical solutions.

You need to check your local chart and be sure you are outside the Inland Rules demarcation line, which is not always a straight 12 miles offshore. You may need to install a locking Y-valve and a pump to accomplish this, but the pump can be a simple manual diaphragm model, be sure to purchase one intended for waste or it will fail rapidly.

If your boat is used with a small number of people on board for a short time, a self - contained head, often called a porta-potty, can be added to your boats equipment. They are inexpensive and easily installed. The chore of carrying the thing ashore, emptying it and cleaning it is not the most pleasant thing in the world, but it makes you legal for a small amount of time and money.

If you are located in a landlocked, no-discharge zone and have to carry a lot of waste, your problems are harder to solve. In some popular boating areas, mobile pumpouts, mounted both on boats and on trucks, are available to come alongside to dispose of the waste at a nominal charge. You might check out the yellow pages or the local boating newspapers to see if your area has one, if not, you might encourage some entrepreneur to start one.

One sailor in Florida, an active environmentalist, with the same problem. He bought a large, flexible waste tank, lots of 1-1/2-inch hose and a 115-volt macerator pump. Whenever he returned to the dock with a full holding tank, hed back the truck up to the boat and pump the boat's tank into the portable tank in the bed of the pickup. After driving a few miles to the public RV park, hed dump the contents into the waste dump there . All of this is neither cheap nor convenient, but it did solve his problem.

fuel spill cleaner

- Sheen Devil Strips

When boat dealing with oil or gasoline sheen, boaters or spill responders need a quick, reliable way to restore the delicate marine environment. The Sheen Devil from Centek Industries delivers a fast and highly effective solution for spill containment.

This lightweight sheen scavenger utilizes MYCELX technology, which instantly attaches to spilled fuel and oil fuel to prevent tarball sheen and formation. The MYCELX binds with hydrocarbons while rejecting water, allowing the Sheen Devil to effectively absorb contaminants with very minimal water drag-out. Because it is hydrophobic, the Sheen Devil will not support algae growth, keeping an good appearance.

Made of a super buoyant material that rests on top of the water where sheen forms, the Sheen Devil provides maximum exposure to oil and fuel. It has 5 times the surface area coverage at only 1/5 the weight of conventional booms. A 10' section of Sheen Devil weighs just 1 pound, so it's easy to deploy, retrieve and manually drag across contaminated water.

This environmentally friendly product can be used to clean rivers, streams, marshes, wetlands and a variety of other bodies of water. The Sheen Devil from Centek - industries can be towed behind boats and vessels that have been involved in a cleanup as they return to be decontaminated.

Fuel spill-cleaner can also be deployed permanently adjacent to the marina fueling dock to absorb vent splashes and fueling drips.

For more details: www.centekindustries.com.

Ecoline - ecologically safe products

Ecoline Puts Rust to Sleep Cortec Corp.. a specialist in ecologically safe corrosion-control products, is reporting a victory over one of the most corrosive environments on earth: the sea. The company explains that Ford and Volvo were experiencing pitting in aluminum alloy auto parts during voyages from manufacturing plants in EU to assembly plants in the Americas, causing losses from production delays and parts rejection.

Cortec Company says the problems were solved when the equipment manufacturers began using its biobased, biodegradable Ecoline cutting fluid, with extensive field tests showing no corrosion on bearings, bushings and thrust washers even after 12 months.

M-141 - New Additive from Cortec Improves more Durability and Corrosion Resistance. The new M-141 products can be used in aqueous polyurethane dispersions and acrylic emulsions. It increases water resistance t levels from 1 % to 4 %.


For better motor performance the new specially formulated VpCI-705 bio-based fuel additive provides both - lubricity and elastomer protection and cost effective corrosion protection.

As a corrosion inhibitor Cortec Corporation's fuel stabilizer VpCI-705 enables multi-metal corrosion protection in all phases:interface, liquid and vapor phases above and below the fuel level. Typical applications include fuel pumps and carburetors, fuel tanks and upper engine parts and engine cylinder components for boats and other applications, for gasoline, bio-diesel, gasohol mixtures, diesel, and other bio engine fuels.

For more details: www.conecvci.com