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Boat Trailer equipment

Heavy Duty and totally adjustable Gorila Gorilla Guard Trailer Keeper by Fulton


STEP 1: To install Fulton’s Gorilla Guard Trailer Keeper, remove one lug nut from the forward half of a front trailer wheel and place the U-shaped lug bracket over the wheel stud, aligning the bracket in a more-or-less vertical position. A little trial and error will get the alignment just right to allow the tire hook to be installed easily. Once you have the bracket positioned, tighten the lug nut, per the trailer manufacturer's specs.

STEP 2: Insert the angled rod of the short rod assembly into the lug bracket, and rotate until the nub on the rod fits through the keyholes in the bracket.

STEP 3: Position the tire hook around the front of the tire and slide the long end of the tube into the open tube of the short rod assembly. Snug the tire hook up against the tread.

STEP 4: Insert the special padlock pin through the hole closest to the aft end of the short rod assembly, and install the brass lock on the notched end of the pin. That’s it. Now your trailer will be that much harder to steal.

Immobilize the Trailer

The problem is that some crooks don't care about damaging the trailer and will just chain up your rig and drag it away. To thwart this kind of thief, the best technique is to make the trailer immovable, such as by removing the trailer wheels. But that becomes a hassle. A better solution is to use a wheel-locking device, such as the Camco ( Wheel Stop or Fulton’s Gorilla Guard Trailer Keeper (pictured above). Selling for a street price of about $80, the Trailer Keeper is like a junior version of the famous boot that is used by metropolitan police to disable vehicles until fines are paid.

The Trailer Keeper fits wheel sizes up to 15 inches, and can be installed and removed in just a couple minutes. The device employs a bracket that is secured beneath one of the lug nuts. Because the lug bracket changes wheel balance, it should be removed before travel. If you prefer to leave the bracket in place, however, have the wheel balanced.

The trailer is totally immobile until the Trailer Keeper is removed. Not only that, but the thing is bright orange, so a potential crook doesn't have to look hard to see that the trailer is secure.

Nothing is foolproof. But we don't want to be fool enough to make it easy for criminals. Knowing that with a little effort we can help protect our rigs, one of the best things we can do is take steps to keep our boats and trailers from becoming theft statistics.

Trailer Valet

Spend less time worrying about your boat Trailer

Trailer Valet goal is to provide their customers include boat owners with built to last innovative trailer accessories.

The problem with most homebuilders is that they fail to design a garage around bass boats. Sure, most hulls will fit in the standard garage opening, but only by an one or two inch. One big mistake in the backing process equals costly damage to both the garage and boat.

With a simple crank and handle the Trailer Valet Company not only replaces your current jack, but also allows you to move your vessel, and steer it. A built-in brake keeps you from losing control. Now you can focus on trying to make your lives easier.

Trailer Valet 5X (up to 5,000 lbs)

At only 45lbs Trailer Valet is designed from High quality steel with powdercoat hammer finish and brass bearings. You can install the light weight unit in 2-3 minutes. Trailer Valet 5X can Flips up or down in seconds and package include Automatic safety brake and drive system with high and low drive gears. Comes with one year Trailer Valet’s warranty.

Trailer Valet XL (up to10,000 lbs. )

You can use XL unit to move your boat out or in of tight spaces.
This dolly works great for tandem axle boat trailers and has a t-capacity of a 1,000 lbs and a load of 10,000 lbs. Trailer Valet XL has low gears so it can move heavy boat trailers well and smoothly. You chaven't found anything like this in this price point.

For sale

Take five seconds to check that Amazon is REALLY cheapest spot for New or Used Boat Trailers and kits for small boats. Get free shipping and low prices in a huge selection of various type and models.

Boat trailer hardware - How to Protect Your Boat Trailer From Saltwater Corrosion

Maintenance - Boat trailer maintenance tips and spare parts

Boat trailer & boat damages

The boat and all your equipment can be replaced but a human life can't.

If you have insurance make sure you do not accept any offer that does not fully compensate you. That includes any entry fees, tournament costs, etc. that you can't recover any other way. You may also be able to claim damages related to being unable to fish this season. Don't hesitate to consult an attorney if needed.

Attorney may be needed for sure. "I had a coworker go through something like this and he was dealing with the other person's insurance. They give him the run around for a while and then they hit him with saying even though he was totally not at fault since he was there he was partially at fault and they needed to deduct from what they owed him because; according to their way of doing things, everyone is partially at fault.. I think he wound up calling a lawyer and they backed off and paid up, some insurance companies apparently try to run over you rough shod if you try to take them".

Thrust angle

Check regularly both hubs for loosening or heating up
Dual console with a single axle boat trailer.

Thrust angle is tracking angle related to the ball. Camber that's positive means the top of the tire is tilted toward you if you're stan ding next to it. The axle has shifted thus changing thrust angle. Try a different tire. They just need take some measurements then make adjustments. It's a load range D tire speed rated to 82 mph.

Suppliers of Boat Trailers in US

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US Manufacturers and Suppliers of Trailers

American Company Information Sources

Air Lift (Air suspension devices)
P.O Box 80167
Lansing. Ml 48908

Boatmaster Trailers (Recreational Aluminum Boat Trailers)

Over 35 years BoatMaster Company is focused on producing and engineering a trailer systems for boats. Note: Every Trailer is Assembled and Manufactured in the United States. Uncompromising quality and ultralight, designed from aluminum they come in 5 different type: cost effective Competitor Series at an good price, the BoatMaster Series built to accept the boat hull and designed to provide more control , Comercial Trailers, Military and Customized trailer solutions.

12301 Metro Pkwy.
Ft. Myers, FL 33966

Xpress Trailers NZ

To suit most popular makes and models of water crafts and boats Xpress Trailers NZ Company provides a huge range of "Single" suitable for lighter loads and a little more expensive "Tandem" axle Trailers for Boats. They are heavy duty Construction with Thicker and Larger Steel , complete welded Frames, stable, reliable and a real cost saver. They build tandem trailers for those with larger boats and axles for smaller ones. To ensures your safety and of those around you all Xpress Trailers comes equiped with indicator brake and lights.

Also they can recommend you the best trailer or optional cages, ramps and racks that’s right for your boat. Every Xpress Trailers Trailer can be easy looked at fully assembled in our backyard.

"Tandem" axle Boat Trailer by "Xpress Trailers Ltd"

To get an idea trailers and prices you can check out XT websiteat as price varies on the type and size you are looking for your boat and what options you may want.

Magic Tilt Trailers - a huge selection of Aluminum, Galvanized and custom reinforced tube (CRT) Boat trailers

American Boat Trailers

This Company born in FL, Pompano Beach is focused on quality manufacturing
aluminum trailers with stainless steel components. Trailers from 17' to 50', grossing from 3,500 lbs to over 30,000 lbs gross car/truck weight They offer a huge range of type and Shapes ,in addition they carry a wide variety of models of Gooseneck trailers.

ABT Standard Features Include: Aluminum Construction, SS Hardware include Bolts, U Bolts, Washers, & Nuts. Aluminumcross members, bunk brackets and fenders,Tongue Jack,Y Guide or Center Bunks, LED/Submersible Lights, Galvanized
axles & Hot dipped and guides.

Continental Trailers (With state-of-the-art Trailer manufacturing facilities in US, Miami )
9200 NYV 58th St.
Miami, FL 33178

Hitch-Align (Automatic hitch/coupler)
7100 North Street. St. 103
Worthington. OH 43085

Bendix Brakes(Brakes)
P.O. Box 4001
South Bend. IN 46634

Scott's is a Magic Tilt trailer dealer

Magic Tilt offers both galvanized and aluminum trailers for almost every make or model of boat. If your trailer is worn out or corrosion has taken its toll, let us know. Their pricing is very reasonable and most trailers are delivered in two weeks, sometimes less.

Toledo Stamping Co.(Brakes and actuators)
P.O. Box 596
Toledo. OH 43693

web: EPA Profile

Atwood Mobile Products(Brakes, couplers, other accessories )
4750 Hiawatha Dr.
Rockford. IL 61101

EZ Loader Boat Trailers (Adjustable and Custom Boat Trailers and parts)
1462 Commerce Centre Pkvvy.
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

FastLoad Aluminum Trailers (Custom Aluminum Boat Trailers - from 14' to 52')
611 West M.L. King Jr. Blvd.
Plant City, FL 33566

Float-On Corporation (Boat Lifts and Boat Trailers)
1925 98th Ave.
Vero Beach, FL 32966

Arco trailer

All "Arco-Trailer" Boat trailers are Steel Trailer Frame and comes galvanized. Boat trailers are warranted against rust-through corrosion for 5 years.

Boat Trailers:There are fitted with dirt and waterproof hubs and independent suspension took exemplary German manufacturers exclusively maintenance-free rubber suspension axles. Detachable and Extendable 12V illumination carrier with multi-function lamps, robust rubber pads and a detailed instruction manual, of course.

King Trailer (outclass recreational service durability trailers)
3820 124th St. NE
Marysville, WA 98271

Dico Division(Brakes, other accessories)
200 S.W. 16th St.
Des Moines. IA 50309


With over 50 years Echtermann is the name in trailer manufacturing.

They build Boat trailers for sailing and power boats of 250 to 10000kg total weight, as well as special boat trailer for a variety of applications and transport duties. Echtermann provide as well, and Trailer parts, lights & accessories

In particular, any suggestions are most welcome and their customers will get from us gladly considered and carefully performed. Convince yourself of our offer and the quality of Echtermann's trailers.

Echtermann have everything - from the smallest to the largest trailer. From Sailboat trailer to special accessories. Benefit from the ECHTERMANN-all-round service for all makes: repairs, alterations, accessories, spare parts and shipping.

Roeco Inc.(General Contractor, Bearing protectors, jacks, dollies)
7200 Midway Rd.
Fort Worth. TX 76118

Unique Functional Products(Bearing protectors,couplers, other accessories)
135 Sunshine Lane
San Marcos. CA 92069

Loadmaster Trailer Co.

(Ohio Manufacturer of custom sailboat trailers for sailboats ranging from 15 to 50 feet in length.)
2354 E. Harbor Rd.
Port Clinton, OH 43452

Long Trailer Company - (Manufacturers/Services of sailboat and custom build trailers for sailboats ranging from 12 to 30 fret in length.)

2601 St. Andrews St.
Tarboro, NC 27886

Car Top Sailing Prod.(Cartop carriers)
P.O. Box 532
Marlton. NJ 08053

Thule/Eldoi Group America(Cartop carriers)
I Westchester Plaza
Elmsford. NY 10523

Yakima Industries (Cartop carriers)
P.O. Box 4899
Areata. CA 95521

Erath anhaenger trailers (Germany)

Trailer sales & rental

You are looking for the right place. They will happy to assist you and provide you with a personal and expert advice. They have a large selection of trailers, include boat trailers in stock and provide you with an individual offer. You can conveniently for almost every purpose a trailer rent

Repairs, inspections and customer service all makes and types of trailers they do quickly and professionally in "Erath anhaenger" workshop.

you can contact by phone or e-mail: Tel. 07576/1620, E-mail: [email protected],

Vannor Engineering(Disk brakes)
19061 174th Ave.
Spring Lake. Ml 49456

Null Brake Systems(Disk brakes)
P O. Box 9336
Huntington. WV 25704

Bosworth Company (Electric winches)
195 Anthony St.
East Providence. Rl 02914
401-438-841 I

Powerwinch/Scott & Fetzer (Electric winches)
810 Long Ave.
Bridgeport. CT 06607

Cole Horsee Company (Electric accessories)
20 Old Colony Ave.
Boston. MA 02127

Auto-Hitch Inc.(Hitch guide)
P.O. Box 5044
Largo. FL 34649

Midwest Marine Dev.(Hitch lock system)
1545 Newcastle Lane
Hoffman Estates. IL 60194

Loadmaster Trailer Co.(Custom Power and Sailboat Trailers)
2354 E. Harbor Rd.
Port Clinton, OH 43452
Master Lock(Hitch locks)
P.O. Box 10367
Milwaukee. Wl 53210

Eaz-Lift Towing Systems(Hitches and accessories)
1318 West Bristol
Elkhart, IN 46514

ShoreLand'r (Standard and Aluminum Boat Trailers)
102-122 East Hwy. 59 & 175
Ida Grove, IA 51445

Load Rite Trailers (finest trailers designed for for boats and personal watercraft )
265 Lincoln Hwy.
Fairless Hills, PA 19030

Reese Products(Hitches and accessories)
P.O. Box 1706
Elkhart. IN 46515

Valley Industries(Hitches and accessories)
1313 South Stockton St.
Lodi.CA 95240

Reliable Tool & Machine(Hubs and brakes)
P.O. Box 757
Kendallville, IN 46755

Magic Tilt Trailers (aluminum and galvanized Trailers )
2161 Lions Club Rd.
Clearwater, FL 33764

Freewheel boat trailers (Netherlands)

This "Freewheel" boat trailers are ideal for boats with soft soil.

A-axis brakes to 750 kg total weight *, fixed and tilting.
A-axis brake from 750 to 1800 kg total weight *, fixed and tilting.
Dual-axis inhibited from 2000 to 3500 kg. total weight *, tilting up to 2000 kg.
Double-axle braked Ultra-light aluminum chassis from 2000 to 3000 kg. total weight.

Total weight minus empty weight (depending on model) is the payload.

PullRite Trailer Tow Sysc.(Hitches)
13790 East Jefferson Blvd.
Mishawaka. IN 46545

U-Haul International(Hitches,parts and accessories)
2727 North Central Ave.
Phoenix. AZ 85004

Van Rees Boat trailers

Van Rees Cmpany offering reliable boat transport and car transport. For boat transport and car transport we drive by modern boat trailers and cars, ambulances, excellent tensile material and appropriate transport insurance, up to a weight of 3500 kg and maximum dimensions of three meters wide and four meters high.

They transport in a part of Europe: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, England, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy and France. This Van Rees can use different combinations. See our Toyota Landcruiser, our Volkswagen Caravelle and our Land Rover Discovery at

CastleCraft (Manufacturers of custom sailboat
trailers for sailboats up to 14 1/2 feet in length.)

P.O. Box 3
Braidvvood, IL 60408

Da'Lan Inc(Hitches and accessories)
68 Walker Rd.
Shirley. MA 01464

Draw-Tite Inc.(Hitches and accessories)
40500 Van Born Road
Canton. Ml 48188

Automatic Equipment Mfg.(Jacks and dollies)
One Mill Rd.
Pender. NE 68047

Dry Launch Light Co.(Lighting and accessories)
1113 Greenville Rd.
Livermore. CA 94S50
415-443-3140 (Manufacturers of custom transport trailers, parts and mast-raising systems for sailboats ranging from 17 to 52 feet in length.)
6920 Macon Rd.
Columbus, GA 31907

The Sell Sail Corporation (Manufacturers of custom sailboat trailers for boats ranging from 22 to 40 feet.)
16165 S. Hwy. 39
Stockton, MO 65785

Triad Trailers (Manufacturers of custom sailboat trailers for boats ranging from 15 feet to 41 feet in length.)
90 Danbury Rd.
New Milford, CT 06776

Trail "N" Sail (Manufacturers of custom sailboat trailers for boats ranging from 8 to 35 feet. Apart from a product list, the ivebsite also features a boat measure ment form for determining trailer type/size and a list of state trailering regulations. Enclosed Trailers, Boat Trailers ands Misc. Kayak Trailers , Car Dolly Trailers, Ultility, Car & Construction Trailers, Dump and Livestock Trailers)
2240 Smokcy Park Hwy.
Candler, NC 28715

Dyna Plastics (Lighting and accessories)
3221 Forge Rd.
Shreveport. LA 71 109

Tropic Trailer (Manufacturers of sailboat trailers for boats from 8 to 35 feel.)
9451 Workmen Way
Ft Myers, FL 33905

Pongratz Trailer Group (Austria)

Pongratz provide 15 different boat trailers are produced as standard.

They will solve any transportation problem of boaters. Extensive development work, advanced manufacturing technology, high-quality materials and constant quality control make Pongratz Trailer to the best-selling boat trailers in Austria. A dense dealer network and service guarantees rapid supply of accessories and spare parts.


Powerboat Trailer

Stable torsion-frame construction
Chassis consisting of screwed items
allows you to customize the boot requirements for every type of boat
required for trailers up to 2600 kg.
highest quality through careful processing
High quality, and meander suspension
many settings
stepless Boat edition, with a strong spindle run for PBA 1000 to 3500 PBA
Standard equipment

Bow support
2 rear rubber pads and adjustable longitudinal keel rollers in Type PBA 500 U - 750 G
PBA PBA 1000 and 1300 low bed frame
PBA from 1500 twin beam frame
from PBA 1000G backwards 2 Longitudinal supports with rotating spindle

Rubber boat trailer

Stable torsion-frame construction
Chassis consisting of screwed parts, allows you to customize the boot requirements for every type of boat
highest quality through careful processing
High quality, and meander suspension
many settings
Standard equipment

1 keel roller front - height adjustable
Bow support with V rubber and recording for winch
1 backward roll 350 mm high - adjustable height
Boat runs with conical rollers (blue) left and right

Fulton Manufacturing Co.(Lighting, jacks, other acc.)
P.O Box 19903
Milwaukee. Wl 53219

Marko Pfaff & Co. (Germany)

Stable versions: Qualität From Germany. Choose from Marko Pfaff & Co standard range of powerboart and sailboat-trailers or benefit from their experience in manufacturing and custom made trailers.

Platinum Boat Trailers

The highest quality custom aluminum boat trailers include exclusive bunk designs with the huge list of standard features that fit every needs.

MYCO Trailers

Whether you’re looking for a tilt race trailer, or a military type At MYCO Trailers they build true custom trailers to fit each boat and individual needs.

MYCO Trailers average boat trailer is an amazing forty-two feet, though they specialize in all shape and sizes between 30’ and 60’.

new 50 Statement Marine Cat boat trailer

MYCO Trailers, LLC
2703 29th Avenue East
Bradenton, FL 34208

Pontoon Boat Trailers

Tennessee Trailers, Inc.

This company is one of the oldest continuous marine trailer manufacturer in the US.
They provide trailer settings for over 30 boat brands including: fiberglass, pontoon, aluminum and fishingboats, skiffs, Jon boats tactical ocean boats and much more. They have different type for every needs: Single Axle and Tandem Axle Trailers for
V-Bottom or Pontoons.

Give your different boat the fit it needs

Tennessee Company is proud to offer specific boats owners CM trailers with adjustable bunk hardware which systems can be used to go under similar hulls and sized boats by resetting the bunks.

Designed from upcycled steel materials with paddlesports(canoe and kayak) TT newest line of Boat Trailers, with a 2,100 lb total carrying.

Eagle Trailer(Pontoon Boat Trailers)
300 Elm St.
Homer, MI 49245

Nationwide Trailer Co. (One of the Biggest PJ Trailers distributor in US)
P.O. Box 968
Lebanon, MO 65536

Hoosier Trailers (Mini-Toon Float-On. and Full Size Float-On Pontoon Boat Trailers and parts)
115 E. Spring St.
LaGrange, IN 46761

Vanclaes stainless steel boat trailers

The Company are the brand name holder and developer, and producer of the boat trailers for the best price. They offers a huge range f products and custom made trailers for boat owners many unique functional and technical advantages.

EZ Loader Boat Trailers (Pontoon Trailers)
1462 Commerce Centre Pkwy.
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

Jet Ski trailers

Easytow Boat Trailers (Australia)

Great company with quality trailers to match. They have what it takes to deliver exactly a trailer to suit your trailer boat what ever it may be.

Full truck of Jet-ski boat Trailers out the door heading interstate. EBT Jet Ski trailers include practical features such as Swinging number plate mounts, Steps over the rear lights, Quality LED lighting and for a better ride laser aligned torsion bar axles.

Boat Trailer Services

Henry's Boat Trailers (California)

If you ever want a US company that'll tell you how it is and will always be there for you and warranty their work please take a look at us. The people from Henry's Trailers personally stand behind every trailer serviced and want you to know every detail about your boat trailer and how to look for things on your own to make sure you're absolute towing safely with no issues.

They flooring, Brakes and some suspension repair for all type of boat trailers.

Transport/Rental Trailer Services. They also have rental boat trailer and transport services.

1486 E Chase Ave
El Cajon, California
Highlights info row image
+1 619-301-7880

Bold Trailers (Australia)

Trailer & Caravan Repairs, Service & Sales Brendon Tanti

Lots of good second hand boat trailers and excess stock available at clearance prices at the moment. Tyres, power converters, rollers, jockey wheels, spare wheel cariers, etc... heaps.

Boat Trailer Accessories

Gotta Show Products
Although specializing in the hot roil and show car markets, Gotta Show offers custom transmission cooler hose kits that allow you to easily build custom-fit hoses for any application.

The hose has a stainless-steel outer braid xvith an aircraft-quality Teflon inner liner for high-temperature and abrasion resistance.
P.O. Box 61
Laveen, AZ 85339

Derale Cooling Products
As the company's name states, Derale Cooling Products specializes in all asfKCts of cooling, including engine oil, coolant, and transmission. Products include electric cooling fans, clutch fans, transmission coolers, engine oil coolers, power steering coolers, frame coolers, transmission pan coolers, and combination coolers.
3901 Med ford St.
Los Angeles, CA 90063

B&M Racing & Performance Products
B&M Racing offers performance-oriented products, including heavy-duty engine oil and transmission fluid coolers (vehicles up to 19,000 GVW),
deep-dish transmission pans (extra fluid equals lower temperatures), and other related cooling products.

9142 Independence Ave.
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Extend A Hitch (Manufacturers of trailer tongue extensions.)
22523 Byron St.
Hayward, CA 94541

Hayden Automotive
Hayden Automotive lias long been known as a manufacturer of engine and transmission cooling products, from clutch fans to oil coolers and transmission fluid coolers. It offers models for nearly eivrx/ heavy-duty engine/! ransmission combination currently on the market.
1241 Old Temescal Rd., Ste. 101
Corona, CA 92881

Jet Performance Products

While let Performance socializes in using computer technology to improve engine and shifting performance, they also offer a line of deepdish transmission pans for Dodge, Ford, and CM applications.
17491 Apex Circle
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Moroso Performance Products

Moroso lias been making race-proven performance products for over 38years. They offer a heavy-duty transmission cooler manufactured for high-heat race applications that can installed of vehicles, including light trucks used as tow vehicles.
80 Carter Dr.
Guilford, CT 06437

TCI Automotive

With more than 35 years of experience with on-track and heavy-duty towing applications, TCI specializes in building automatic transmissions and related products, including a proven line of engine oil coolers and transmission , fan kits, and gauges.
151 Industrial Dr.
Ashland, MS 38603

Northern Factory Sales, Inc.

This Minnesota company has been manufacturing radiators and transmission coolers for over 30 years. They offer products for agricultural, heavy-duty truck (semi), and racing applications, as well as coolers to fit most pickups, cars, and SUVs on the market today.
2701 4th Ave. SW
Willmar, MN 56201


One of the industry leaders in engine fluid cooling, Perma-Cool offers a complete line of light- and heavy duty transmission coolers, engine oil coolers, and poiver steering fluid coolers. Also available are frame rail coolers, gouges, electric fans, remote oil thermostats, and other accessories vital to lowering operating temperatures on tow vehicles.
400 S. Rockefeller
Ontario, CA 91761

For over 40 years, Flex-a-Lite has been known as a manufacturer of quality, high-performance belt-driven and electric-engine cooling fans, engine and transmission oil coolers, and accessories. It offers a complete line of products for automotive, light truck, and heavy-duty applications.
P.O. Box 580
Milton, WA 98354

Cequent Group
The Cequent Group is a lending manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of market-leading brands, lifestyle products,parts and accessories serving all aspects of towing, including transmission coolers.
47774 Anchor Court West
Plymouth, MI 48170

Trailer Parts super store (Eastern Marine)

Has tires already mounted on rims cheaper than I can take my current rim to a tire store and get a new tire. Much easier than blocks and all that. Jack it up switch one out and so on. And you get a bunch of spares to boot.

For trailer parts such as brakes, axles & such there is a great supplier with an unlikely name. Eastern Marine. Actually been in the place a few times. Good people & a true wonderland for stuff you wont find in RV stores like Camping & Boating World. You can buy Lippert stuff cheaper from them than Lippert direct.

They have free shipping over $99 so I might try that as these suckers are surely heavy and they're also closer to you.

Coupler Locks

If you lock the coupler, a thief can't simply hitch up your trailer and drive away in conventional fashion. Besides securing the coupler latch with a padlock or special latching device, such as SeaSense's "Trailer Hitch Lock", special coupler locks fit up into the ball socket and then clamp in place. Numerous products are available, including Master Lock’s ( No-Tow Trailer Lock, Fulton's ( Gorilla Guard Coupler Lock, and Durasafe's ( Off Vehicle Coupler Lock. In addition, the market has more than one product that goes under the name of Universal Coupler Lock.

GPS tracking for Boat Trailers

Would you know if your boat trailer is stolen? You can protect your trailers with modern GPS tracking technology. Because of GPSandTRACK Company high volume, they are also able to pass discounts to our clients. Whether you need 1 unit or 10 tracking units, you can be sure that they are here to give you the best possible pricing.
GPSandTRACK offer free shipping and delivery in only two-days for USA. To place an order or You need answers regarding GPS tracking unit contact at: tel: 800-578-1809

Designed to improve the efficiency and Productivity of New mobile workforce, GPS tracking technology in real time combines a robust fleet management application with an in-trailer GPS device and wireless communication platform too.

GPSandTRACK offer free shipping and delivery in only two-days for USA.

To place an order or You need answers regarding GPS tracking unit contact at: tel: 800-578-1809 or

Manufacturers, Boat Trailer Parts and Accessories

Transom Tie with Stronger J-Hooks

There's nothing more dangerous than trailering a boat with an insecure tie down. Washington-based Epco offers the 4' Pirates Choice transom tie down that withstands the many rigors of the road and marine environment.

The tie down consists of 2" wide, weather-resistant polypropylene webbing with a cam-over lever that locks the webbing in place. Backing the lever is a webbing pad that prevents scratches on the boat's surface. The coated 3/8" J hooks are much stronger than the average 5/16" hooks used by competitors. The tie down's hooks are also vinyl-coated to protect boat and trailer finishes.

In addition to the 4' transom tie down, the Pirates Choice line includes a 2' transom tie down and gunwale tie downs that range in length from 8' to 20'. For water enthusiasts, Epco also offers accessories for trailerable boats and PWC, wakeboard towers and holders. The suggested retail price of the Pirates Choice 4' transom tie down is circa $15 per pair.

for more details:

Grab 'n Go Hook

Wet is no longer Boater's who trailer worry

The quick and convenient disconnect process also works in reverse when hauling the craft back on the trailer.

Boaters who trailer their boats often get wet when launching or hauling their boat. With the help of the new Grab 'n Go Hook with Working Load = 600 lbs. from Johnson Marine, boaters will no longer have wet feet.

The Grab 'n Go Hook consists of a dual action latch that slides onto a track that mounts to a boat hook. To utilize the Grab 'n Go Hook, attach the track to any boat hook, connect a trailer's winch line to the eye of the dual action latch and attach to the craft's bow eye. After launching the boat, the owner extends the boat hook to the craft's bow eye and grasps the Grab'n Go's specially designed release loop with the boat hook and pulls. Then the boater pulls the boat hook away with the winch line attached to Grab 'n Go, and thanks to its long reach, the boater stays dry.

The Grab 'n Go Hook will accept up to a 1-1/4"-thick object. The hook is made of hand polished T-316 stainless steel with T-316 stamped latch assembly.

Johnson Marine also designed the Grab 'n Go Hook as an easy mooring device, allowing the hook to be firmly positioned over the mooring buoy. Pushing down will make the connection to the buoy and the boater then just pulls the boat hook away.

Suggested price of the Grab 'n Go Hook is $103.

For more details visit:


There is no better test for a transom saver than a long haul across the country. Some people have utmost confidence in their Lock-n-Haul transom saver, no problem to traveling over 4,200 miles on one trip.

Since the Lock-n-Haul is made of fortified aircraft aluminum, you do not have to worry about it not being strong enough.

What are the advantages and drawbacks of this style device vs the standard transom saver that goes from your trailer to the motor?

Keeps motor more secure and you don't get all the stress from the trailer going straight to your lower unit. Every bump you hit that transfers right into your motor. This keeps your motor from taking all the stress.

Lock-n-Haul is built to last forever and I honestly do not see how you could damage this product. Another thing Hike about it is the size, even though its heavy duty, it's small and lightweight.

The Lock-n-Haul will easily fit in the back compartment of your boat eliminating the need to store anything in the truck, which is often what happens with traditional transom savers.

Since the Lock-n-Haul is universal, it will fit just about every single engine on
the market today If your engine is one of the major brands and has a power outboard motor tilt system, a transom motor mount with indents and you can access the steering pivot flange bolts; you are good to go. If you are still not sure whether or not it will fit your outboard, visit their website lock-n-haul, but chances are that it will fit perfectly.

It's simple to use and the best part about it in my opinion is that is keeps your outboard secure and prevents it from moving left to right. You no longer have to worry about steering clips or any extra parts. At less than $70, it is well worth it. It will be the last transom saver you ever need to purchase.

Hitch-Mate trailer hitch by Beckson Marine Inc


People who have walked around the back of their cars or trucks, or bent down to pick up an item they've dropped, know all too well the consequences of forgetting about their trailer hitches. Now, Beckson Marine its new, patented Hitch-Mate trailer hitch safety covers so boaters don 't have to suffer torn clothes, bruised legs or swollen foreheads.

Molded of soft, UV-protected PVC plastic, two versions of the HitchMate cover both the trailer ball and hitch bar. The standard model, HHT RB, fits 2"-wide rounded bars, and the large model, HHT-SB, is for 2-5/8" squared hitch bars. Both models can be used on 1-7/8" and 2" trailer balls.

Beckson Marine also manufactures an extensive array of ports, hatches, windows, deck plates, pumps, ventilators, equipment holders and hoses.


EZ Loader Boat Trailers in Spokane, Washington, USA, has successfully completed the Marine Industry Certification (MIC) program.

This is a program dedicated to excellence in customer satisfaction by following best practices and providing today's boater with a hassle-free experience.

This new industry-wide program highlights for the consumers those marine professionals - manufacturers, dealers and individuals - that are committed to today's consumer by offering the highest product quality and superior service.

For more information on EZ Loader Boat Trailers please contact

Load Rite Trailers, Inc.

Load Rite, in its role as a progressive market leader, continually strives to improve its product line. Innovation is not taken lightly at Load Rite. Careful thought, planning, and preparation goes into each new product developed and released for production in the Load Rite line.

Load Rite has identified a torsion axle system that is up to the high quality standards required by the industry leader. Unlike other torsion axles, Load Rite's offering incorporates a removable spindle that can be easily replaced in the event of damage or failure.

Load Rite is alsooffers a 14', welded, hot-dipped galvanized line of boat trailers along with an all new 16' boat trailer incorporating Load Rite's full-frame design. For the shorter and wider boat models, Load Rite has created an all new 96" wide series of 17' boat trailers. Load Rite has also developed a line of heavier, shorter tandem models to fill the same market driven need.

The GalvX brake system featuring an aluminum wheel cylinder as standard equipment on trailers equipped with 10" and12" brakes. And topping off all of these market leading product introductions is Load Rite's brand new, state of the art Swing Away Tongue for single axle trailers, and optional Stainless Steel Hardware for aluminum bunk trailers.

Offering all these innovations packed in a powerful model line up is the reason why Load Rite Trailers is the acknowledged leading industry innovator!


Trailer fenders

The primary purpose of trailer fenders is directly tied into the way our boats look. If we didn’t have fenders on the trailer, water, mud, gravel and other road debris would get thrown by the spinning tires and strike the boat, making a horrible mess, and possibly even causing damage. The fenders capture all that yuck and debris, and deflect it down toward the highway where it belongs. If you ever take a peek at the underside of your trailer fenders, you’ll gain a whole new appreciation of their functionality.

Yet, the topsides of the fenders also have a function. Depending on what I’m up to at the moment, mine serve as a workbench for a wide range of items, including tools, boat wax, rags and my glass of lemonade. You can also use the fenders as a step when you need to reach higher on the boat or clamber over the side.

As a result of all this abuse, fender topsides can eventually look as ugly as the underside. To help restore them, I apply black spray paint about once a year. After a fresh coat, the finish looks OK, but it never lasts.

for a more permanent solution

Visit Olympic Armor Coatings in Sequim, Wash. for the solution

There in the corner of the shop was a truck tailgate that was bent almost in half. Shop owner Lee Forderer told me the tailgate took a nasty hit from the inside when a fifth-wheel trailer came unhitched. When the tailgate snagged the trailer kingpin box and buckled under the impact, it held, but suffered mightily.

Just look at how well the bed lining material held up.

The bed lining material hardly had a scratch, and it still adhered to the severely warped sheet metal.

Obviously tough stuff, the material was a hot-applied polyurethane coating, applied by Olympic Armor Coatings about 1/16 of an inch deep. It feels sort of rubbery and also provides a nonskid surface.

There are other companies that offer similar coating treatments, including Line-X ( and Rhino Lining (, these companies will give your trailer fenders the royal treatment.

For more information visit web site

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