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Launched in 2004 the Boat Shopping magazine provide effective leadership and publications of nautical services and boat sales. The magazine moves on to his 9th year watching everything that happens and will happen in the nautical market, integrating exchange of experiences to always bring readers an in-depth content with news and trends of products , services and value to advertisers include organizing events and producing guides and catalogs that are published at certain times of the year , always arming our advertisers opportunities to expose their brands to our audience follow us watching everything that happens in this changing market.
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Simple guide to choose the right Boat

Step by step simple guide, how to choose the right size and type of boat to suit your wants and needs. A boat you do not really like is never a bargain, no matter how attractive the price.

Boat shopping should be great fun. So often we lose sight of this and ruin the whole process. Boating is a recreational activity.There are many ways to begin the buying process. The local newspaper classifieds, Craigslist, Ebay Motors and Sites similar to Craigslist, boat trader and similar trader magazines,regional publications featuring grainy photos and brief descriptions that you can find in newsstands , convenience stores, and and even local shopping guides.

boat offered for sale

22 foot Power Deck Boats Offered on Craigslist

Choosing your next powerboat or yacht

can be a perplexing process. There are hundreds of models to choose from, and most of the magazine ads say pretty much the same thing: that Brand 'X' or 'Y' is the best, a revolutionary advance over the competition.

Talk is cheap, however, and results speak volumes. Two boats, one well-designed and engineered and the other any thing but, might look very similar during a quick tour at a boat show. Even the smallest, simplest boats interact with wind and waves in complex ways. But taking a closer and looking in the right places, asking the right questions, and insistingon aprepurchase sea trial will reveal the great gulf that may lie between the two Boats' quality, performance, reliability, and longevity.

And even if it's basically a hull, an outboard, and a 5-gallon gas tank, you'll want your boat to perform well and to last a long time with minimal care and maintenance.

The bigger the boat, the more complicated it gets with all the extra systems that make life afloat more enjoyable. Whichever boat you end up buying, the more you know about the hull design's capabilities and limitations, the methods and boat materials used to build it, the propulsion system that makes it go, and the systems that provide fuel, electricity, ventilation, and salt and fresh water, the better off you'll feel about the experience. And feeling good is what owning a boat is all about.

boat interior and seats

inspect all interior detail

At times it may seem that our inspection and negotiating techniques, while honest, are taking advantage of the seller. This is not so. We are merely trying to level the playing field in a world that often operates by the slogan, "Let the buyer beware!"

Most folks want to be honest, but it's rare that a seller will disclose all the negative features of his boat. Perhaps the cost of maintenance and repair is beyond his means.

This is not always a question of disposable income.Whether to buy new or used, that is the primary question. Sometimes a great deal on a used boat can bring more pleasure than the new-smelling, brightly untouched polish of the new factory product. You should decide in advance which you're seeking. A good way to begin is to list the pros and cons of new and used boats and take the time to fully evaluate your wants and needs.

"Remember, it's a three-step process: First, get all the facts, the good news and the bad. Second, weigh those facts carefully while also considering your personal likes and needs. Then, and only then, take the third step, which is to make your decision.

Poweboats are unbelievably demandinga and not just of money, a cessel also demands huge commitments of your time, they too often rust which is equally important.

Considerations for Used Powerboat

Lower price, lower payments. A smaller initial investment should net you smaller payments. As a rule, a new vessel depreciates significantly in the first two to three years. This is generally the result of overpayment in the first place—something we are here to avoid.

Possible profit. The profit potential of the right used boat is what got me started, with very little knowledge or money.Watch yourself, however: its easy to overlook some of the steps to buying a powerboat and leave yourself exposed to a profit-eating repair bill.

Easier to resell. I've always maintained that I make my money when I buy a boat, not when I sell it. Buying a boat at the right price will make your task of reselling down the road much easier.

Accessories come with the boat.

Although a professional survey an inspection can be a terrific tool, to find that with smaller boats under 20 feet are not very cost effective. Spending around $400 per boat until you find the right one can more than offset the money you'd hope to save by buying a used boat.

Considerations for new Powerboat

Warranties. A new boat will have a comprehensive manufacturers warranty covering all structural and electrical systems. A warranty will cover at least the first year. Get a written copy of the warranty and actually read it.

Customized options. You may equip your new boat with electronics, seating, canvas, and so forth to suit. Brand name. You can pick from your favorite manufactur- ers and models, and your decision does not have to be determined by what is available on the used-boat market for only a short period of time.

Condition. A new boat should be in pristine condition, free from blemish or defect.

No hidden surprises. Having never been used, all systems and features of a new boat will be in their original configuration and working order and will never have been exposed to the ministrations of some backwoods mechanic.

Customized options. You may equip your new boat with electronics, seating, canvas, and so forth to suit. Brand name. You can pick from your favorite manufacturers and models, and your decision does not have to be determined by what is available on the used-boat market for only a short period of time.

Proper match of boat and power. The Coast Guard requires boat- builders to post a maximum horsepower rating on all out- board-powered boats under 20 feet in length.

To Inspect a Boat

-If you see discoloration or blisters on a new model, run away! - hairline cracks resembling spider webs—that on a new boat are the first sign of substandard manufacturing, These can be temporarily fixed, but there is no long-term. more >>

making searching even easier

Take a day, weekend or longer to charter a vessel of the same type you're interested in - it's a great way to check out the "fit" before com- mitting to a purchase. If you want to buy a preowned boat, it still helps to look at new boats so you can get a good idea of what you want for your final purchase. Boating Magazines and Books and covering all aspects of yachting & boating abound in local libraries and Book-stores. You can also cruise the Internet: starting with www.http://www.ebay.com/motors, www.discoverboating.ca - for information on boat types and models, owners' groups, boating Associations and Organizations, boat builders and boat broker listings. Insurance will need to be in place before you take possession of your new boat

the services of a boat dealer

The role of a good broker is to facilitate communication between the seller and potential buyer. The good News for the buyer is that brokers are free of charge. Their fees come out of the seller's pocket. Acquire the services of a dealer who is actively involved in the buying and selling of boats and practiced in the formal procedures of yacht purchasing. When you find the right boat, your broker will assist you through the steps leading to ownership. Your broker will also co-ordinate activities such as arranging for the surveyors of your choice,the sea trial date and time etc. These steps include one or more personal visits to see the boat inside & out, price negotiation and completion of the formal Sale Agreement and Yacht Purchase, including specific dates and subjects such as financing.

the survey stage

It's a very good idea to take the boat out for a test drive,if possible, and when you do, pay close attention to every aspect of the vessel when under way. Skipping the survey stage usually results in unforeseen repairs that costs big dollars to fix later.

For the first time buyer

Good tips on buying a boat

Make sure you check out the salesmen & dealers and the brand you are buying from. Make sure you can afford the boat. Slip fees, insurance, boat payments and most of all the fuel. Never buy boat without a survey. Decide how much and how expensive boat of your type you can afford with the options you want.

a test drive

When you take the new boat or watercraft out for a test drive, insist that you drive the boat or at least have an opportunity. If they refuse, DON'T buy the boat. (they're hiding something).I'm up to my 4th boat purchase and have learned these things the hard way.

Check service records

Check service records, look for leaks, engine performance, noises from engine, watch rpm for prop slip, to much smoke, look for oil leaks, wheel bearings if trailered, tire dry rot or wear, correct ball size and trailer brakes, go over everything and make sure it works. Even check you tube out or type the boat name for blogs to see others that had issues, also ask another boat mechanic about the boat your buying, to see repairs needing done. Compression test on cylinders, check for stress fractures in the gel coat, and check the fuel cell. Fully service motor clean carbs,plugs,lower unit oil. Put your favorite fuel stabilizer n oil n gas. AND RIDE! Check your local traders. From 500$-10,000$ there is a boat for you.

Don't make a quick decision that you may regret down the road.

"We test drove 12 boats, bought a boat and took it back the next day (blown gasket that wasn't discovered before purchase), and 4 months later we purchased the boat of our dreams. Now going on 3 years with not one issue. Oh and always have the boat looked at by a certified marine mechanic before signing on the dotted line and handing over your check. Very important." said Sadie J.

Considering buying a second boat

Jeanneau SO 40 from 2002 - advices what we have to check on before buying

Have a proper survey. The SO 40, if looked after ned properly maintained is a great boat. Roomy, fast and handles well. Can livaboard. Good luck. Most minor problems are are easily fixed. Watch for problems with Lofrans Windlass, delaminating windows, check batteries at that age as they go 4 years tops unless modified, look at calorifier/ heat exchanger for overheating in engine due to deterioration. Also check all the screws around the outer decking base rail are there and non corroded.

Check keel bolts and spade rudder and keel for grounding damage. Stern gland and yes, door handles as they all fall off and the grub screws are rubbish and work loose. Look for cracking in gel coat around foredeck near anchor stress points and on cockpit sole. Mirrors in the heads will have been replaced or will show delaminating. Can't think as anything else went wrong on mine bar nav lights cracked lenses and mast foredeck light failure. Not LED at that age. Check winch operation as the will be near age to need a good overhaul. And last but not least get a surveyor for the meaningful stuff that you won't do yourself or will cost you such a lot.

The 10 considerations before buying a sailboat (Expert Advice).

Buying advice - all the aspects of buying a boat

Boat Auctions - How to Find Hot Boat Auctions Online and the possibility of finding a good vessel.

New vs. used Boat - Shopping guide, advantages and disadvantages