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Boatowners Warehouse.
The iboats mall stocks more than 100,000 marine products. If you can't find what you are looking for or have problems, questions, or comments, call Customer service at 800/914-1123.

Landfall Navigation.
Nautical charts, cruising guides, marine electronics, plotting and weather software, and boatingsafety gear.

Mike's Marine Supply On-Line Store.
A discount marine store serving southeastern Michigan for more than 30 years.

Defender Industries, Inc.,
42 Great Neck Road, Waterford, CT 06385.
800/628-8225. Fax: 800/654-1616.
This high-volume source has been satisfying mail-order customers for almost 70 years.

Hamilton Marine.

Online Marine,

Discount marine electronics, equipment, andsupplies.

The Shad Connection,

111 Russell Drive,
Highland Village, TX 75077.

West Marine,
This major marine retailer now has hundreds of stores nationwide. It has been in the mail-order business for years and still does a healthy remote business online. If you can't get to a store, or there isn't one near you, try the website.


Dock Search,
Docksearch is a place to locate boat dockage, and rent or sell your boat dock space or boat slip.

Frenchman's Bay Marina,
591 Liverpool Road, Pickering, Ontario,
LI W 1R1. 888/839-5036. Fax: 905/839-4380.
This marina is one of the few locations in Ontario where you can own your own dock in a condominium format.

Half Moon Bay Marina.
Located on the eastern shore of the Hudson River, 25 miles north of New York City and about 12 miles south of Bear Mountain and West Point, Half Moon Bay Marina is converting to a dockominium.

Kingman Yacht Center, 1 Shipyard Lane,
P.O. Box 408, Cataumet, MA 02534.
Many boat slips at Kingman Yacht Center areavailable for dockominium ownership through a 99-year leasing program. For details, call the Harbormaster.

A service intended to provide early notification of pre-development opportunities to boatowners and investors who are interested in ownership of dockominium properties.

Portofino Harbour.
Portofino Harbour is a marina on Clear Lake/
Galveston Bay near Houston, Texas. At the time of this writing, it is selling dockominium slips.

The Dockominium Group.
A licensed real estate broker whose slogan is sell homes for boats."

The Harborage at Ashley Marina,

P.O. Box 21408, Charleston, SC 29413.
866/WET.SLIP. Fax: 843/853-8857.


The National Marine Bankers Association,
200 Fast Randolph, Suite 5100, Chicago, IL
60601. 312/946-6260.
NMBA is a trade association of financial institutions that provide loans to consumers. Most financial services are members of NMBA, and the NMBA website should always be moreup to date than any printed information we can provide. You'll find listings of lenders at


Coast Pilots are available for download at
FCC, the Federal Communications Commission, is found at
Light Lists, the publications that identify andnumber all aids to navigation, are available at

National Ocean Service (NOS), a division of the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), is at

National Vessel Documentation Center,
792 T J Jackson Drive,
Falling Waters, WV
25419-4527. 800/799-8362.

Rules of the Road,
U.S. Government Printing Office,
P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA
15205-7954. 202/783-3238.

Tide and current tables can be downloaded at
Vector-based charts and free software can be downloaded at


This is a resource listing of more than 50 insurance companies, with links to company websites.

BoatU.S., 880 South Pickett Street,
Alexandria, VA 22304.
Member services: 800/395-2628
BoatU.S. offers boat insurance with low rates, broad coverage, and fast claims service for recreational boaters nationwide.

This well-known auto insurer also offers insurance for boats.

National Boatowners Association.
800/248-3512. 941/360-6777.
Fax: 941/360-6888.
Since 1984, the NBOA Marine Insurance Agency has insured thousands of your fellow boaters with the finest possible boat insurance coverage at the most competitive premiums available. This continues to be the single most important function of our company.

The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies ranks third in the nation for auto insurance, with more than 12 million customers. The group offers specialized boat insurance coverage.


See entry in "Boating Organizations" section above for more information.

National Boatowners Association, See entries in Boating Organizations and Insurance (General) sections above for more information.

Sea Tow Services International, Inc.
"Your Road .Service at Sea," is the international leader in the marine assistance industry, with franchise locations throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. Sea Tow's members are backed by 24-hour service, regardless of where they travel.

Vessel Assist.
Vessel Assist was recently acquired by Boat America Corporation (the provider of goods and services to members of BoatU.S.). This change in ownership will not affect service to Vessel Assist members.

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Boat Trader Online.

Boat Xchange.


Gear Oils and Lubricants

Industrial Gear Oils and Lubricants for the marine and offshore industry, Manufacturers & Products.

Guide to Thermometers - a full spectrum of Thermometers, Commonly Used thermometers and How to choose one

Water as ballast. Internal or External ballast, advantages

How to Winterise Your Outboard simply and quickly, Article by Jeremy Hoyland

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Powerful and Efficient Electric Boat Propulsion - Electric Outboard by eCycle Marine Inboard systems

When & How Tips - Boating and Sailing Tips

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