Anti-Theft SPOT Trace Tracking Device

It sends a signal via satellite (no cell/3G). It just updates its location every 5-10 minutes depending on what you decide you want, after the item in question is moved. You can them for asset tracking for your boat.

SPOT Trace Tracking Device in hand

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Keep Your Boat Safe from Theft

modern devices and technology to prevent your boat from getting stolen

 Good working knowledge for small boat owners

How to prevent your boat from getting stolen

alarm systems and options that work

At first, make sure it's insured and they sell all sorts of security devices, cameras, gps devices, motion sensors, etc.

Boat Security Systems

There are several Anti-Theft/Boat Monitoring systems on the market. There are some fantastic systems that monitor not only if your boat is moving and it's location, but also battery levels, bilge pump activity, and many other systems. Most connect to your phone or ipad, etc. and send alerts. If you google Boat Security Systems, or Boat Anti-Theft Systems you will get a lot of info to look through. Start with this article from BOATING MAG.

Alarm system made by Viper

A system made by Viper designed for cars but works on boats too. You can have entry alarm switches going into cabin and a GPS module that you can place a geo-fence into to alarm if the boat moves.

Alarm is a siren on board and also will send an email or text alert. Pretty cheap monitor cost and is over cellular link. There are also many others which are more set up for boats and can also monitor things like bilge alarms but are much more expensive but nice.

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a hidden kill switch

You can install a hidden kill switch under the helm that only you know about. its just a simple toggle switch that is wired up to the wires feeding the dead man switch by the throttle control or can be wired to the ignition switch. Theives could hot wire the starter but it will just spin the engine but wont start.

a Wi-Fi camera

If you have a Wi-Fi camera on your boat you will get notifications of movement or sound. Note: Won't help much once taken away from the Wi-Fi, but at least You'll have video of them taking her for the police (and insurance).

SW-WIFIPT Pan and Tilt Wi-Fi Security Camera /with Smart Alerts

 Drone on the leg

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An alarm/tracker system

An alarm/tracker system, that can send notifications to your phone if the boat was stolen.

Lots of GSM GPS tracker devices on eBay that will text you if the boat is moved. They cost about $40 -50 . You will also need a payg SIM card with a few pounds credit on it. Should get away with under $50 for the lot and virtually zero running costs (just a few txt messages).

Either stealing your boat or badly damaging it, kill switch to the ignition switch, lock the compartment that your 12v main switch is in, Gps tracking systems are relatively cheap and can be hidden away..

Use Drone

I've got one on my Drone in case it decides to go for a wonder on it's own! It's one of them $540 eBay ones,works well. you can also get a vehicle kit for it and set it to notify you if it moves, exceeds a certain speed or goes out of an area. it's about the size of a matchbox. just stick a sim in it and your good. if you want a report from it you just ring the number. the unit it's self doesn't make any noise. it sends you a txt with a link to Google maps.

 Drone on the leg

Here's what it sends you

Here's what it sends you

screen shot of the txt info

a screen shot of the txt info

It run off it's own internal battery and connect to the boats 12v supply.

This runs on it's own battery because of how you can use it, but it has a mini USB slot in the side that you could connect to a 12v supply via a car phone charger. It also comes with 2 battery doors. a plastic one and a magnetic one.


a TK103B from amazon.

It has its own battery which lasts 1-2 days depending how often you ping it.
It is permantly powered by the boat battery and only switches to its own battery if main power is lost.

It has a shock sensor so only alarms if the trailer is moved or someone climbs on.

You can track it in real time on using the very excellent gpstrace orange website once I get a text notification of an alarm.
You can use a giffgaff sim card in credit depending how you use it. Setting it up correctly can be a pain but only needs doing once.

Note: rather than power off the boat battery you mean you could purchase a seperate battery which would be the main source of power whilst also having the back up battery which is included in the TK103B kit .