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Boaters should respect the rights when kayaking & boating

When hiking a trail, signs along property lines often make it easy to ascertain
whether you are on public or private land .

Knowing private land from land that is either public or open to the public when on the water can be much more difficult or sometimes impossible.

While rivers are open to the public for boating, shorelines are often private.
While many landowners post property lines along roads and trails, few do it along shorelines.

A lake may have a public boat ramp, but no public land to beach the boat and take a break. Often town beaches are only for town residents.

When boating, it is best to consider all land private land unless it is obviously otherwise. Bring maps on trips to know where public areas are located so you know in advance where you can beach your boat and take a break. Remember that unposted land should be assumed to be private property and is not an invitation to stop and visit.

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