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How to keep the boat during the winter. Check out what Boat Owners have to say.

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Winter Cruising and Great Lakes

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Winter Cruising does not imply bundling up in arctic grade foul weather gear and battling your way out of a frozen channel to brave the wind-tossed, open regions of the lakes like some of those nuts around Chicago have been known to do. I may work on a boating magazine but I am not crazy.

Winter Cruising means packing up the same luggage we use every weekend through the summer time, with the same, comfortable, casual clothes we love so dearly, although we do leave the shorts at home and take an extra sweatshirt or Sailing clothing instead. Then, we throw them into the trunk of the land yacht (car) and shove off. Off to where to go? Why, off up the coast to some waterfront village that desperately needs discovering. Perhaps somewhere we've never been before. You would be surprised at how many of the ports and villages we boaters visit in the summer, are right there in the very same place all winter long. And they're open too.

Winter is the perfect time to 'check out' some new harbor or yacht basin you have considered putting on your cruising plans for "someday. "You can visit the harbor, get a good visual on the approach, look for recognizable landmarks or maritime museums that aren't on the charts, scout out the shops and local attractions, even enjoy a nice quiet dinner in an un-crowded waterfront restaurant.

Traveling by Yacht can be great. If you're a sailor, you'll be amazed at how fast your land yacht can travel. Some do 50 to 60 miles an hour!

And if you're a power boater, you'll be stunned by the fuel economy... why, you could probably save enough to stay at some quaint Bed & Breakfast for the whole weekend and if you haven't figured it out yet, you probably have a crew member who'd like to come along.

Think about it, traveling

to picturesque waterfront locations for the pure beauty and pleasure of it all is exactly what Great Lakes Cruiser is all about. It will give you the opportunity to discover something few other boaters ever know: The beauty and the serenity that befalls these Great Lakes in the Winter.

How to keep the boat during the winter. Check out what Boat Owners have to say.